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Strange and Unexplained

by Karla Cothren
(Hot Springs, Arkansas)

I am 28 years old and live in Hot Springs, Arkansas with my husband and with my 8 month old baby girl. All my life I have had strange things unexplained things happen to me. More verbal than anything and having to do with dreams. I do not speak about these things often.

I tend to hear muffled music or talking at night sometimes a scream or too. My husband never hears a thing. I know that these are real and I am not just imagining things. When you hear a shout or scream of a name and it is enough to make you jump and no one else hears it but you it tends to make you feel as if you are going crazy.

Now I know what you may be thinking, schizophrenia right. Wrong, I have none of the other symptoms that go along with this illness.

I also have strange dreams as well. I do not hear these things all the time just when my mind is in a relaxed state. I can feel death approaching and can create outer body experiences in my mind.

This is not some lame attempt for interaction on the net. I would like to actually find out what to do and how to hone in on these skills and control them so that I can get some rest. they keep me up at night.

This has been going on for years and I can not find a single person to help me without them wanting to get paid. Someone please help me.

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Sep 09, 2014
Try This

Play the Quran in your house. Yeah i know how that sounds. But trust me. I know what you're going through.

You have nothing to lose. Try it.

If you need me, contact me on Twitter or Facebook. User name is Ateekster.

Dont worry. You are not crazy.

Aug 15, 2014
You are not alone...
by: Rose

I do not share this very often but, I was moved by your bio to share with you my experiences.

I have seen things ever since I can remember, as early as maybe 2 years or 18 months? I remember bath times as an infant, and I can still hear the noise around me while I played.

My family moved every year and we went to different schools every year until 4th grade, where we lived at one place for at the most 4 years.

In every place we have lived I told my parents what I saw, what I experienced when we went to bed (out of body experiences), and what I heard but, they never believed me. I used to see a very tall woman with a flowy-white garb and I can see that she glowed and if I am not mistaken I think she had wings. She followed me everywhere. I think she is God's watcher over me.

My first psychic or "vision" experience was when I was in the 1st grade. I dreamed about doing a math paper, now I am not really good at math, so that is why I remember this experience. When I woke up, I got dressed and went to school. When I finished my math paper, I got really, really excited and yelled out to my teacher while getting in line for lunch, "I DREAMED ABOUT MY MATH PAPER!! I saw this in my dreams!". Everyone just looked at me weird and I was told by my teacher to get in line and ignored what I said. At recess, no one wanted to play with me so, I stuck to myself alot. After getting tired of my parents not believing me, I stopped saying what I saw in my dreams or what I knew would happen and just let things happen. I stayed quiet because I felt no one liked me.

So, for a very long time, I hid my true feelings. I felt like I didn't belong anywhere.

One day, my aunt asked me why I was so quiet. I think I was around 9 or 10 years old. So, I told my aunt everything. She was very quiet and didn't say anything, as I expected. Then I asked my aunt why I could see things, hear things and why some of my dreams come true. Why people didn't believe me and why I didn't feel safe, or belong anywhere. I told her I felt out of place everywhere I went. I told her that when my mom and dad and sister didn't believe what I told them, and I felt like when they ignored me that I didn't feel love from them.

She said what I will never forget. God loves you, He protects you. Then she continued on saying that my abilities were hereditary. That they are passed down from my great grandma, through the generations. She told me that she had a special ability to heal using her hands. In my father's village, they called her a Shaman who did good things and that she never used her abilities for bad. There are only a few people in my dad's side of the family that have psychic, premonition or vision abilities. Myself and two of my cousins. We all see things in our dreams, one of my cousins sees apparitions and my other cousin sees things in her dreams that sometimes come true and in color. I on the other hand see apparitions, feel presences, dream in color, I have less out of body experiences, and I remember all of my dreams that I have.

Today, I have noticed that I had stopped talking about what I experience as a person with some God-given abilities because I felt people thought that I was weird, crazy or that I am forcing my beliefs on them. To this day, I have a hard time making friends that even believe me and the abilities that I have.

On a spiritual level, I believe in God and in Jesus Christ. So, in the end I ask Him to guide me and show me how to use the abilities he has blessed me with. I am scared sometimes because, I do not like to see apparitions on how they died, or what they looked like when they died.

I guess, what I can tell you is that if you believe in God and Jesus Christ, then I would ask Him for guidance and ask Him how you can do His work with His love.

It is not easy to be a person with these abilities because many people don't believe you. You are ridiculed for doing evil, or are accused for blasphemy God. Sometimes they think you are just a lunatic for even saying what you saw or experienced.

My husband believed me when he met me. We talked alot and he accepted what I could see, feel and hear. God has blessed us with 6 beautiful children. And all of them have some of the abilities that I bear. I do what my parents never did when I was young, reinforce the abilities, love them, believe them and be supportive.

I can tell you, that I believe you. I will pray that God will guide you and that He can use you to help others who need your help, in Jesus name.

I hope you find the answer you are looking for.

E-mail me, maybe we can help the people that God puts in our path with His guidance together, if you would like: vearoseann@gmail.com

God Bless!
Roseann Diaz

Apr 19, 2014
Ik geloof je, mijn is namelijk ook zo iets overkomen
by: Henk de Gussem (Nederland)


De dingen die je opnoemd ken ik als geen ander.
Je zit in een soort stress, waar je geesten van andere ziet en voelt.

Er is geen psycholoog die je hiermee kan helpen.


Begin met een slaaptablet om in te slapen, die eerste uren slaap je dan goed, daarna begint het weer op te komen. Denk bij jezelf wie kan het zijn.

probeer te praten met de verschijning. probeer wanner je wakker word eerst jezelf in de spiegel aankijken en zeg dan , we gaan ervoor.

probeer eerst dit eens, daarna wil ik je nog wel meer advies geven

vriendelijke groeten,
Henk de Gussem

Jan 10, 2012
we need to tlk maybe we can find something out together
by: Dustin Chapman

my fience and i hear the same thing in our house here in point ceder. right out side of hot springs. their has been many times where i find myself waking up in the mist of night with the precence of a older man or woman in the room just standing there watching us both as we sleep. after a few seconds of this they dissapear as if it was all an illusion. i know its not and NO YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!!!!! I have witnessed these things many times before and have also heard my name called many times from out of the night. A most recent occurance that took place hear is me and my fience along with her mom were going through some things and packing up things to move her mom and we heard a voice as an older lady speak out in a low tone( almost as a whisper) I love You. we all could do nothing but pause in our tracks. My fience then beging that night cleansed the house completley putting out certain materials and combinations (I am not for sure what it exactly is) but since then it has only happend in one room of the house. In the back portion. Not yet has it occured in our room or any where on this end of the house at all. Please email me at cassonova1987@gmail.com asap with a way to get ahold of you. maybe with us all together we can find out something and c where these signs, spirits may be coming from,who they r and why they r here. Please. I hope to hear from u soon...

Nov 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

No it's not just you lol both me and my husband live in Arkansas as well and we hear things like that as does a friend of ours, and there are many different realms not just 2, i think what you are experiencing is a sort of resonance of the spirit realm which for people who are sensitive is easily heard, our earth also known as midgard (hopefully i spelled that right)is where all other realms touch. Listen closely you might find out something :)

Oct 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Probably because you're amazingly beautiful :)

Oct 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

There are times when we as humans dont feel like if its just us. Many times we feel like if theres others around although our mere eye cant see. The thing is that there are 2 different worlds. The human world as we all know as the physical world and the other which is the spiritual. The physical is what we can see and touch but the spiritual is what we feel and hear at times. If you want to get more info about this and you dont think its all made up stuff then feel free to contact me at my email Rodriguez_albert17@yahoo.com i just dont want to keep on going on to explain this to u if it will just be a waste of my time...

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