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Strange things

by Elsie

Ever since I was a child I have felt or seen "things". My parents would tell me I was crazy and so I learned to will away what I saw. Now that I am older something strange is happening to me.

I have picked up the phone without it ringing to find someone on the other line or called people at the exact time they are calling me.

Sometimes I see shadows or hear voices, they are very rarely frightening.

I sometimes blurt things out that do happen. Since most of the time they are unlucky in circumstance my husband has prohibited me from speaking the "picture flashes" I see. It does not happen all the time though, only when I am very emotional or distraught.

This next one really caught me off guard. I was at work very upset at an employee who was not performing to task. I asked her several times to do something and she ignored me. I very sternly called out her name and pointed towards the front. As I moved my finger a piece of ice flew out of the ice bin and landed right in front of her. Startled she went to the front and stayed there the rest of the day.

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