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Telekinesis Like Matilda

by Erin

I know about Matilda, but not much. I didn't see the movie or read the book or anything. Anyway, I have telekinesis like she does, only not as much power. For example, once I had a few friends over for a sleepover, and we were reading this list of psychic powers, you know, just for fun. So, knowing only a little about telekinesis, I said "Hey guys, look," and then I waved my hands and wiggled my fingers and looked at a brush "I have psychic powers! OOooOOoOoOOoo..." And they laughed.

I smiled and tried to move the hairbrush, which was about a half a pound, not very heavy. And as I was concentrating on it, it started shaking. Then, slowly, it turned its head to the left and then just FLEW off the table, hitting the wall and making a big "BANG!"

My friends, shocked and a little freaked out, but also sceptics, accused me of pushing it. I told them I didn't. Jen, my bolder-than-the-rest friend, said, "If you really did move it, why don't you do it again?"

She picked up the brush and put it back on the table. Jen, Abby, and Summer gathered around the table to watch the fake psychic work her magic. I wiggled my fingers like before and concentrated on the brush. I thought, come on brush, levitate! Don't let me down. And sure enough, it started shaking. "You're shaking the table. Get up and do it." Jen said.

I got up and did it again. Summer stood up. The brush slowly but surely, lifted itself into the air and flew up against the wall like before.

Summer and Abby were convinced, but Jen wanted more proof. "Okay, I'm gonna hold this brush and you're going to take it from me with your mind." So I concentrated and focused on the brush again, and it flew out of Jen's hands before she had a chance to react.

After that night, we trained my mind and I've been getting stronger. Jen, Summer, and Abby are the only people that really know and understand this ability. I tried lifting weights with my mind, to get a general range of how heavy items are that I can levitate. I can pick up objects up to 28 pounds, now.

I hope to continue working with my ability and train it until I fully realize my power. I am 12 years old.

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