The Akashic Records Hold A Key For Realignment With Your Soul

What is soul realignment in the Akashic records?

By unlocking your soul’s wisdom within your Akashic records, a certified practitioner, can help you realign yourself to a life path that is free of the restrictions and energy blocks caused by karmic baggage of the past.

Clare Hardy is the verified author of this guest post.

Are you feeling trapped in your life, going round and round important life decisions? Do you feel something is holding you back from reaching the full potential you know you can achieve? According to your soul’s unique Akashic Records, you may be absolutely right. 

Your soul is much, much older than you think. It has travelled colossal distances and multiple lifetimes to mould your present lifetime. Through the course of its journey, your soul has collected information about everything that it has experienced since it was created by Source. 

This information is contained in the Akashic Records. Think of your Akashic Records as a database of all your soul’s choices since its conception. A skilled Soul Realignment practitioner has the ability to access and read your Akashic Records, allowing you an unfiltered look into the essence of your very being. 

Soul realignment in the Akashic records

The Akashic Records Contain Your Soul’s Divine Blueprint

Unlocking your soul’s divine blueprint

The building blocks of the soul include your soul group of origination and primary soul energies. There are two main components that define your soul’s innate structure: your origin soul group and most abundant soul energies. Combined, these are what fuel your spiritual consciousness and determine the qualities and energies that guide your purpose. 

Soul origin groups

Do you wonder who you are at soul level? Or rather, where your soul came from? If you are looking to live your life according to your soul’s wisdom and divine purpose, chances are you’re not necessarily an Earth-originating soul!

Souls do not follow the same rules as your earthly body. Your soul could come from one of the many planets or star systems within our universe. To clarify, this does not mean that your soul was created there. All souls originate from Source, the energetic origin. Your soul group refers to the planet or galaxy your soul first incarnated after its creation by Source as this a vibrational match to the souls characteristics.

Souls can come from other planets, like Maldec, or Mars. They can also travel from stars like Alpha Centauri, Polaris, Sirius or Pleiades. Some soul groups even come from galaxies, like Andromeda!

Your soul group determines your innate attributes

Which soul group you come from can be very telling and give you a deeper understanding into yourself. Are you a dreamer and a go-getter? You’re probably from the Pleiades soul group, star traveller souls that are visionaries, action takers and changemakers in their own right. You thrive in change and are not afraid of making decisions. 

Now, comparing it to the opposite case, where you are hesitant about making any concrete decisions. As a Soul Realignment practitioner, I would tell you that you may belong to the Maldec soul group, a planet populated by a highly advanced warmongering civilization that caused their own planet to explode in 49,686 BC from their destruction. Maldec souls reincarnated on Earth fear taking decisions because of their previous experience with catastrophic failure. 

Innovators and people who find ways to make existing processes better to their benefit are usually Sirius souls. Their motto in life is “let’s find a way to make this better”. Born with an affinity to organisation, structure, and set patterns, Sirius souls are unbothered by hierarchies. They may over-plan and over-analyse, but that’s exactly what gives them their unique edge!

Altogether, there are 21 soul groups you can originate from. In a full Soul Profile reading, I can help you narrow down your origin group and what that means for your approach to life. 

Soul energies - what is your soul structure most abundant in?

Every soul has access to eight soul energies. Your approach to life and its challenges is heavily influenced by the energies most abundantly brimming in your soul. Everyone has a little of each soul energy in them. Think of your soul profile as a pie chart, consisting of the percentages of each individual soul energy. The divine energies powering your soul include:

  • divine truth 
  • divine compassion
  • divine self-expression
  • divine love
  • divine wisdom
  • divine creation
  • divine power
  • divine order

Your primary soul energy dominates the pie chart, taking up around 50% of your energetic spectrum, reflecting your divine purpose and how to best achieve an abundance in your life. Some souls have a primary and a secondary soul energy where they must be used in harmony to achieve abundance. You souls energy centre can give you a better insight into who you really are at soul level. 

Understanding your soul profile

You may ask, why is it necessary for me to know about how my soul is structured? The play of your soul group and soul energies define you at the purest, soul-deep level. Soul Realignment is a spiritual healing modality to course-correct you on a path to achieve your divine purpose. But before you heal, you must understand what you’re attempting to achieve. 

Soul Realignment involves an initial Soul Reading and complete profile to understand your unique soul blueprint, your current life context, and how you can make the most out of both. 

Soul Realignment and clearing up karmic blocks of the past

Most of the restrictions and blocks we face in our life are a result of a spill over from the past; negative karmic blocks from lifetimes ago that never got resolved. Your energy can be negatively impacted by doubt, shame, and guilt attacking your chakras and draining you. 

Do you often find yourself returning to a specific negative thought or feeling in your current life? That is evidence of an energy blockage and its negative program influencing various aspects of your life. 

A soul realignment helps you clear blocks and restore your soul to its original blueprint and pure purpose.

What happens after?

After a Soul Realignment, you will have the understanding and foresight to make choices according to your soul’s divine nature. By understanding yourself on a soul level, you will tend to make conscious, intuitive choices that are in line with your soul’s purpose and universal law. 

Soul Realignment clients have reported feeling exceptional clarity, confidence, and a feeling of lightness as they shed energy blocks of centuries in favour of returning to their soul’s natural calling. 

Guest post by Clare Hardy 

Guest post by Clare Hardy

Like many of her clients, Clare Hardy was at a standstill in her life’s journey. After 20 years of working in financial services Clare questioned her purpose and goals. A spiritual awakening kick-started a journey of self-development and healing. Finding Soul Realignment™ to be far more transformative and effective than any other healing modalities she had studied, Clare became a certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner and now loves helping others experience profound transformations in their own lives.

To find out how Clare can help you with your spiritual journey, reach out today!

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