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The Lords Prayer...Coincidence?

by Nancy

The Lords Prayer

The Lords Prayer

Like so many looking for answers, I started paranormal research a few years ago. I've had some instances in my life that always haunted me. And as a "ghost hunter"... I use 2 specific protection tools. A Saint-Michael's medallion and a rosary.

One Sunday afternoon, I was on the couch watching a marathon of one my favourite shows. I had been watching this marathon for a few hours and basically only the regular kinds of commercials came on. You know, dog food, car insurance, life insurance...

All of a sudden, I started thinking that I should give my daughter a call since I hadn't talked to her for a few weeks. Then I remembered she was in church and I couldn't call then.. from there, my thoughts went immediately to having my medallion blessed. And I wondered if they said the Lords Prayer to bless it.

Not 5 minutes later, a commercial came on for a prayer cross with the Lords Prayer inscribed on it.

Talk about a surprise!... I went whoa....

So, just wanted to share that little coincidence with you.

I took some time off of the research but find myself getting back into gradually as people will just bring up the subject out of nowhere.

I am also an empath and soul retriever according to my local psychic. You can read about some of my experiences here titled "And So It Starts".... thanks for letting me share this.

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