The Rain Always Brings Bad Things

by Alyssa

I'll just start with my name, Alyssa. I'm thirteen years old and live in Texas. Things have always been different for me. I don't remember much of when I was a child, I do know, I was different. Most toddlers wanted to play with their moms, stay safe, slide down the slides. I was more interested in running off into the woods, alone. My mom always told me, I spoke to myself. Doing anything, I spoke to myself. She said she thought I had imaginary friends.

When I was six, I woke up from a dream and found a young girl standing in my doorway, I climbed out of bed and ran downstairs to my parents, dragging her with me. I introduced her to my parents, but they were oblivious. They told me, the scariest thing that they've ever heard me say was, when my mom asked who my friend was, I replied "This is Aurora, she says she lived in the 1700's and her Mommy killed her because she wouldn't come in for dinner".

My mom called the Minister right away and he rushed over to bless me and give me a silver cross necklace. I always heard people call my name, it happened every day, every hour.

I grew up with the feeling that I was never truly alone. Even now, if I turn and look out the window, I get this insane heat down my spine and I get the jitters. I see people when they aren't there, I'm not trying to say I'm special, or that I'm better than anyone. I've just always felt like I was meant to do something here, something important.

When I was ten, we moved to Texas from Georgia, a couple of weeks in I had a new friend over from school. We were in my sister's hot pink room, both of us were goofing off, we both loved horror films, and found drama exciting. We both suddenly got the feeling that we weren't alone, we looked over at my sister's wall and streaming down the hot pink was crimson red, like blood. It started making an H then an E then an L it started on either another L or a P when we ran out of the room. On the edge of the stsairs layed a knife, a knife I'd never seen before, it was balancing upright on the tip, I grabbed it and threw it out the window. When we went to my room and I turned the light switch on, the lights started flickering until all three bulbs blew at once. We ran downstairs and my friend went home, she won't talk to me since.

Age eleven, I was behind my neighbors house, just goofing off, running up and down their stream, someone whispered in my ear to start digging, so I did. I dug up a human skull. The police confirmed it was a human, DNA was yet to be found.

At twelve, it seemed like certain things were.. strange about me. I'm stronger than everyone else, even the boys. I can see in the dark. When I put my mind to it, I can run fast enough to catch my domestic outdoor cats. Which, can run up to 45 miles per hour. My animals understand me when I talk to them, when it storms outside, I need to be out with the thunder and lightning, or I'm not satisfied. Situations where others would crumble and cry, I was thrilled. Happy. My eyes became mesmerizing, my classmates used to avoid me, if I stared into their eyes, they said they felt paralyzed.

When I turned thirteen I started having the dreams. All about one man, killing, non-stop killing. Not gorey, just stabbing, shooting, the usual. He would always smile at me before disapearing, or I woke up. It was a sinister smile, pure evil. I usually have dreams about him, almost every night. Sometimes the dreams come true, I'll dream of someone dying, it'll be on the news the next day.

Nowadays, if I'm hurt in the dream, I get hurt in real life. I've been sliced, I have handmark bruises, rope burns, so on. It's the same guy hurting me, a few times he's raped me. A week or so ago, I had a dream I had a baby, but when I picked him up, and he looked at me, he had that evil man's eyes. The man rapes me in my sleep, and I wake up feeling violated. I haven't had my period for two months, and have all the signs of pregnancy. Except I'm a virgin.

I don't know what to do, or what to call it. I'm just..scared. I'm only thirteen. I love drama, but this is scary. Someone, please help. Email me at cloudandzeus @

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