The Sleepover

by Myah Rae Zana
(Arnold PA)

One night, I was at my friends house for a sleepover. All night we had these psychic things going on. She would mention a certain show and then it would come on the the television. We are also able to finish each others sentences. And on that day, I discovered that I was a telepath. Actually we both are telepaths. (and to make this funny)I said to her that "If we don't get used to this, we are going to end up killing each other".

This went on the two days I've been there. We exchanged stories on how we knew we knew that we were psychic. Her story was the weirdest. She told her mom she didn't want to go to shcool that day. Her mom asked why and then Teonia (my friend) said that she just didn't want to. Her mom said fine. Later that day on the news her mom heard that Teonia's bus had crashed that day in a head-on collision. Her mom was so very shocked. When I heard this I was also very shocked. Then later I thought that was kinda cool.

My story was not that very exciting as hers. But anyway, my first sign was that I was able to read and see auras. This happened when I was 12. I recently became 13 when I became a telepath and a medium. But all through my life i always thought something bad was going to happen to my family and would have to live someplace else. There was also the time when my Grammpa died. Long story short I knew Grammpa was going to die before any on else knew. After all of this knew my gift was special.

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