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They Call Me Carrie At Work

by Tina

I am 34 years old. I have had many experiences since around 9 years old. I don't quite understand what it is with me. I started sleep walking at an early age, I would attempt to get out of the house and walk to a cornfield behind our house. I would walk the hallways of the house screaming people's names.

My father finally let me out of the house and followed me one night and discovered an abandoned family cemetery in the field. My parents would find me staring into the mirrors of the house in the middle of the night. My mother feared I was possessed, she so had a priest bless me.

The sleepwalking continued. When I hit puberty things escalated and I began to have voices wake me in the middle of the night - almost whispers in my ear. I began to think I was crazy, then one evening at dinner I went to the counter to get something - as I walked along the counter the wall began knocking as I passed. Everyone at the dinner table heard it.

There was a cooling period with no episodes for a very long time, until I was in an abusive marriage. I began to see and experience the presence of spirits, I could feel them and hear them, and to add to it all electrical devices are now being affected. At work in various locations where I am present the light bulbs blow out - a ballast caught fire once. Lights bulbs at my home blow out, electrical devices malfunction and the sleepwalking and mirror gazing have returned.

If anyone has any information for me please, I am desperate. My son is frightened by these happenings. I can't explain it. The public displays of electrical outbursts are embarrassing and they call me Carrie at work.

Any information would be helpful

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