Things people don't want to know..

by Cookienuts61

When I was 26 I first saw her when the sun just set and it was very dark, she was in the other bedroom and I could see her face and half her body looking outside while I was at the balcony. The first thing I thought that there was a stranger in the house so I went racing into the bedroom which took me 2 seconds to open the door and turn on the lights and no one was there.

3 years ago we moved to Australia, and we had rented a house. Cleaning it the whole day, when nightfall came, I was still cleaning up the laundry room and I was facing the windows, I thought the neighbor was watching me as I only saw the shadow of a lady. In the morning, I noticed that the fence of the neighbors were too high and the shadow I saw was inside the house.

My cat, one night, was fast asleep in the living room and I was there doing my embroidery when he suddenly woke up and hissed at something. We have moved and my cat once in a while hisses at something, and once I turned on the video camera, and my camera moved while I was alone in the house. I consider this as something phenomenal, I know that there is something beyond our dimension.
I used to dream of catastrophes, like the huge tsunami in Asia, and a plane crash in China, which I woke up feeling that I was dying.

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