Think It, Making It Happen..

by Luis
(Garden Grove)

For years already, I've been doing stuff that I don't know if they're wrong or not. But, if I think of something, or some people, random things, later on, I don't know, minutes, hours, or days(depends how much time I put on that thought) it happens. For example, if I think of a person or that person doing something, I see them doing that specific thing happening. I know its not a coincidence, because it happens every single time. I believe the reason this happens, is because my grandpa, from my dads side of the family, has other abilities too, he can hypnotize people and do other things. I think I got something through the genes.

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Sep 01, 2009
I'm like you
by: Jess

I'm 13, and I make things happen. Usually small things, or things dreadfully close, so I have to watch my thoughts. I advise to just be careful and not do anything to bad. Once I made my teacher cancel a super important test. Six people were sick, and they were goin crazy the day before, and he said he was thinking about going through with it, but he just said, let's not, and he put it off till NEXT week, and it was a HUGE test. And everyone came two days later, he could have done it then, but for more then half an hour I chanted and hoped for the test to be held off till next week. I want to practice, but I don't know how :s Hope I helped :)

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