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Touched by My Dead Father

by Sharon Baird

My Father

My Father

Six weeks ago, on a Sunday, my aunt died suddenly. At her wake, two days later, my father suddenly dropped dead, both in the same house.

He died silently in the bathroom a few feet from her coffin during the Rosary. She was his younger sister and both were very close. We buried her on the Wednesday and my father was returned to us on the Thursday.

My father was laid out in my brother's home so that my mum could have some rest. Over the following days I had visited my dad and returned back to the family home. One night I was about to go up stairs for bed but my brother asked me to get something, which meant I had to go to the kitchen. In the kitchen there are two chairs which my parents sat on each day. As I entered the kitchen, I got a sense of calm which I have never experienced in my life. A sense of softness entered my body which I can only describe as clouds and this sense of amazing feeling became me. This ended with a firm touch on my shoulder, which I will never forget.

When I spent time with my dad alone the next night, I sat with him and had my hand upon his, I got these feelings in my hand as if his fingers were moving, this I am not so sure of as our mind plays tricks. I do believe I had been touched by my father.

My son had a dream of my dad visiting him in his dreams the night he died where they sat together and my dad asked him how he was doing.

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