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Tried To Face This Scary Girl I’m Dreaming Of

by Nikki
(United States)

Ever since I was about 13/14 (I’m 16 now) I’ve been having dreams about a girl who keeps trying to butcher me to death with a butcher knife. She looks just like me but she wears a white dress, she's always barefoot, and her hair is white/light blonde. The only things that relate to me are her eye color and hair length. She also has a younger version of herself who is about 5 and she tries to kill me with a butcher knife too. I'm not really sure what she resembles but she's haunting me, even in my waking life. I've been wanting to face her and fight her off so I don’t dream of her. But when I dream of her and I can feel that she is in the dream, I always run. I don’t know if this is silly or not, but I feel a very deep connection to this girl, even if she doesn’t really exist.

I've tried to face this girl I’m dreaming of, but I always run. This girl likes to also play the piano, it’s always sad music, just the other night I dreamt I was in a building and there was this door in front of me, I could hear this piano on the other side and I knew it was her. I heard this voice say that I had a choice to go in there and face her or not. And because I’m scared to face her, I ran away. And after I ran, these demons came after me from everywhere. I couldn’t get away and that’s when I woke up. Every time I see her she is usually in a white room, and she is always trying to kill me. I've tried to understand her, and I’ve even tried to talk to her in my waking life, hoping that I’d hear her voice in my head.

That's how bad it's bothering me. She never speaks and when she attacks me, it's always a very vicious attack like she's one of those psychotic patients in a mental ward. Once when her younger self attacked me, she had her butcher knife, I was in a library and it was pitch black, all I had was a flashlight. In a isle of books, I looked down there and I saw her, she giggled and ran after me, I tackled her to the ground and somehow ended up with a carving knife in my hand, I went to cut her head off since I was holding her down, but when I was cutting into her neck she didn’t react, she just kept laughing at me. The knife wouldn’t barely cut, I saw blood but it just looked like it was scraping her neck, and not cutting into it.

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