Troubled Psychic

by Kayley

It's winter time. Heh heh.

It's winter time. Heh heh.

I am a Psychic, and so is my friend. I found this out about a year ago, I control Ice. I never sweat, I love to eat ice cubes, and I also love the winter, demons come after me.

I have two spirit guides; Brittney, a girl who got murdered in my room, and Trixie, a pixie whom is a warrior princess.

And some other freaky things, I'll mention later. It feels like I'm living a nightmare, my uncle, whom is an exorcist, said that I am going to die on 9\11. Yeah, yeah, I know that it's the Twin Towers day, but it was a total coincidence. I am due to die because I am the one physic who controls ice, as my main element, and light, as my side element. Because of this, demons, energy vampires, and dark magic hoarders, and some other scary things, are after me.

I need HELP.

I used to have a mentor, but he later turned out to be a demon, whom when I was four, I devoted my life to... about a week ago, I gave him my soul, then gave him my leg, and pinkie finger... which turned out REALLY bad. Good thing my uncle gave me a potion... so yeah.

But the goddess of light, Iridescent, offered me the power of light... so I accepted it. I will never get out of this, so I really need some magic spells and stuff, and it really doesn't help that Ray is still alive! (Ray is the demon).

And I need help manoeuvres, and battle techniques. Please.

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