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Two moon celebration

by John
(Revere, MA, US)

I've recently had a dream that stands out in my mind. It starts out in my house late at night, in my brightly lite living room. With me are three of my friends and a girl whom I don't recognize. This girl seems to be dating one of my male friends for whatever reason. The atmosphere is extremely calm and pleasant and everyone is having a good time crowding round the t.v. (unsure what is playing on the television) I suddenly have an urge to step out my back porch which is located on the third floor. I happen to notice how beautiful the night sky seem, the image was so detailed when I awoke that morning but is a slight blur in my memories now.

On the side of my house is a main street, yet where the right sidewalk should be (facing out from my porch) is, for whatever reason, a river. And what is floating on the river are these brightly lite balls/balloons. Then some stranger somehow climbed up the side of my back porch on the third floor, and hands me one of these balloons then tells me that everyone is celebrating are second moon. And when I look up, I can clearly see two beautiful full moons in the sky, one is huge in comparison to the other. And as in starring at the larger moon I notice it's coming towards me.

Now I'm unsure if it was my feeling of fear at that moment I realized the this giant rock was /falling/ towards /me/ that caused this, but the Moon seemed to pop, and shrank til it fell into the palm of my hand at which point it look like a popped beach ball. And the last thing I could recall before I awoke was how disappointed I felt that we didn't really have two moons.

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