Uncontrolled Psychic

by Dillon
(Riverview, NB, Canada)

I have had many experiences with psychic phenomenon; I have lost powers, and gained others.

When I was younger, (I am presently 14 years of age) I had premonitions, though I could only have these during sleep, I remember one that gave place during a school day, and everything I could remember was spot on when the day came approximately a month and a half later.

Now I have what I'm going to call a third eye, though I truly have only two, I can see things others can't, from finding someone in a large crowd, to noticing the tiniest of details, and I can hear pitches others can't and things others can’t, I.E. someone's phone going off in their pocket in a loud environment, and I've given signs of telekinesis, if not pure coincidence, where once I jiggled a pen on a stable desk with my hands half a foot above it, and when in pure anger have had things fall of walls or other similar actions.

I can also sense beings around me, whether it is a live intruder, or a dead one, though I have never spoken with one.

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