How To Become A Universal Law Of Attraction Expert

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I love being a universal law of attraction expert and celebrating in the joy of receiving what I ask for. It makes it feel like it’s Christmas every day. I'd like to share with you these vitally important things to keep in the front of your mind when making requests of the universe.

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Remember that everything is energy - including thoughts. Negative thoughts have a particular vibrational energy as do positive thoughts. Their are laws in which the universe operates. One of those laws is like attracts like. You must match your vibrational thought to what you are asking for. The Universe will respond in kind.

The Universe does not recognize negatives. Do not make the wish, "please do not allow my horrible neighbor to bother me today". The Universe hears, "please allow my horrible neighbor to bother me today". Pay close attention to your thoughts. Many times you may not even realize you are having a negative thought.

Faking it 'til you make it works. Even if you don't really feel it, say something like, "I have never been stronger, happier, or more wonderful." The more you say it the more difficult it becomes to feel bad. 

Put yourself first. Decide what you truly want for yourself and then go with it.

How To Become A Universal Law Of Attraction Expert

The Universe does not comprehend time or big versus small. As difficult as it is for us to wrap our minds around it - the Universe truly sees no difference between asking for a dime to be in the parking lot five days from now, versus asking for a $100 bill to be in the parking lot in five seconds. We do not need to give the universe time to manifest. It just doesn't work like that. We cannot allow ourselves to get wrapped up in the physical constraints of time and space. Our request for a $100 bill won't be granted if we are telling ourselves, "No way. Not possible. Can't happen." By having those thoughts you are changing your vibrational frequency and asking the universe to not allow it to happen.

Try not to get all involved in the how aspect. Do you know exactly how electricity works? No - but you still flick on a light switch and benefit from it. Can you see the air you breathe? Not usually but that doesn't keep you from breathing and knowing it's there. Do you see and completely understand gravity? Nope. Look around - is there ANYTHING that gravity isn't affecting at the moment? 

I have found it easiest to ask for small things and then move up from there. Some easy things to ask for - a parking spot in front of a store, to find coins in parking lots, no line at the grocery store checkout, hearing a favorite song on the radio. Asking for small things at first allows you to build up faith and trust - two essential things to have when making requests.

Good luck with the universal law of attraction - and don't forget - BE AWARE! 

Author - Cristina Aguilar - The Law Of Attraction Psychic

Cristina Aguilar the Gypsy Raven

Cristina Aguilar (also known as Gypsy Raven)  is a folklorist, spiritual adviser, expert Tarot reader and award-winning writer.

She studied folk magic and learned simple folk traditions from her grandmother who was a village psychic in southern Spain.

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