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Unlisted Ability

by Krishel Penrose
(St. Louis, Missouri)

I have been expierencing something like empathy, but a little different, Its been going on for the past two months. I end up with strange cuts or unexplained pain in a place, only to find out someone close to me has been injured in a similar region of their body. The two most noticable of these (there have been about 20 occurances altogether) were:

Situation A:

I woke up and my back had a huge scratch down the middle of it, and scratched up and down it. It was hurting alot and I was telling everyone how I had no clue how the marks got there. Later that day, my friend and I were talking and he said that he was bedridden, because he had hurt his back moving that day. When I went to check my back again, the marks were gone and within 5 minutes of talking to him, so was the pain.

Situation B:

I was taking a bath when my hand suddenly started to hurt to the point of tears, I looked at my hand and my knuckles were covered in scratches. When I got out of the bath, I recieved a call from my fiance(at the time). He had punched his fist into a concrete wall and broken his hand only an hour before. When I looked at my hand, the scratches and pain were gone

Another thing has happened to me, that isn't listed. I expierienced a direct vision during intercourse. I was able to tell my boyfriend that someone would be home in ten minutes. He asked me how I knew. I told him I didn't, but we should be careful because I had a feeling.

The truth was that I had had a deja vu, but this time, I saw it as though I had to reach for some of it. And I got a feeling that someone would be knocking on the door soon.

Based on the seperation I "felt" between the knock on the door and the deja vu, I guessed ten minutes.

No one had been home all day that day, but I was so sure about it that I warned him to be looking out

And sure enough, in exactly ten minutes, my sister came to the door.

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