by Kimberly
(Orefield, PA, USA)

My little brother died in a car accident. They day we had to bury him, I believe he visited me to say goodbye.

I had a door size poster hanging at the end of my bed in which one side was not taped and it flopped forward. There was NO air moving (no fan, no ac and no window open), I sat up to start getting ready and I looked at the poster and it "waved" to me. I felt no fear and said goodbye to my little brother.

Just a few years ago, friends of mine were killed in an auto accident. Three months after we said goodbye, she showed up in a dream - it seemed soooo real - I was in a crowd, turned around and she was there! I was shocked, and I remember saying, but you're, and she said that they were fine and that she loved me, gave me a kiss and disappeared! I remember waking up a little freaked out, but knew that she was in a better place.

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