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Volcano Dream

by Terri Gerber-Jonila
(Lyndhurst, Ohio (U.S))

I fell asleep rather quickly this afternoon. My uncle DID pass away from liver failure and I was there the last 4 years of his life. He was an alcoholic and suffered tremendously. It has been 1.5 years since he has passed and I know he's around here a lot.

In my dream, every time I started balling my eyes out about his passing, I'd see a volcano erupt. I've never dreamt about volcanos before. Is he trying to tell about how badly he suffered even though I knew and was there by his side the last 4 years?

We were very close. I’m' thinking he didn't really want to die after having this dream. He still continued to drink when the doctors told him he had liver damage but I think he tried to drink to take away his pain and the withdrawals.

It's driving me crazy. I'm Bipolar so I tend to think a lot and people get intimidated because they say "Because I think so much, they can't argue with me and I investigate things to prove my theories."

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Oct 14, 2012
by: RubysLens

In viewing your dream description, I see this as more descriptive of your own emotions. I don't know if you've spent a lot of time grieving or not, but in the dream you very much are, even 1.5 years later. When you are bawling your eyes out this allows you a very heavy and necessary release of emotions - a metaphoric volcano.

Are you subconsciously trying to carry his suffering in your own life? Maybe you feel guilty about not stopping him from drinking when the doctors told him to stop.

For some reason it looks like you are holding on when you should be releasing him and your responsibility toward him. Alcoholism is a very tricky addiction. People start for different reasons but continue when the reasons have completely evolved into something else or are no longer relevant. It often remains in a spiritual void and therefore is seldom cured by non spiritual methods.

Many dreams have a dual level meaning, so you are very likely right about your uncle's level of suffering. Maybe it is even hinting at the similarity of his pain with your Bipolar condition. You may need to do some soul searching and find your true self and the happiness that resides deep in your soul. Find your connection and your place and let your uncle rest. I hope this helps.

The last thing your uncle would want is for you to carry his pain.

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