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Voyage Of Discovery

by Anonymous

The whole question is are these apparitions and experiences true or am I mad. Shakespeare voiced the same question through hamlet 400 years ago. It is an age old question. But clearly there are a lot of really distressed people out there who need help. So before the sceptics pour out their own fear based criticism, they need to listen. And listen well.

I have always been sceptical and even after experiencing what can only be classed as the supernatural. I decided not to voice what I had seen and experienced for the same reason everyone is quiet about this subject. Fear of judgement from others. Well whatever religion you are, you should not judge others, but listen with compassion. Whatever scientific background you come from, you need to remember that we are continually on a voyage of discovery, and to close your mind because of your own rational experiences and belief structure is to simply end your journey of discovery, no matter how much you stomp your feet.

For me, the fact is there are other dimensions. There are angels and demons. It seems more people are becoming aware of these entities from all walks of life. If you encounter demons they are only able to work with your fear. Pray to God and, in my experience, Jesus Christ. Read the bible. Open your heart to God and have no fear. These lost or misguided entities pray on the fact that you don’t know how powerful and loved you are. Start a relationship with God and they will become terrified of you. I have experienced and seen a great deal. Enough for me to find supernatural movies somewhat tame in comparison! But enough to guide me to the light and pay no attention to the nonsense fed to us by fear and ignorance. Of course it’s much harder in everyday day life, we all drift back to not really believing this "nonsense." But at our own peril.

Life is beautiful and there is no need to be afraid. Let God in and they soon flee. If you have thoughts that are fear, anger, violent based... pray and pray again. It is not God and not from you. Imagine a lion sat next to you and protecting you from ants. Yeah they will bite, but you won’t be afraid of them.. not the greatest analogy ..but still... my heart and prayers go to the youngsters here.... just HAVE NO FEAR!!! and keep your sense of humour... that will also keep you smiling!!!

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