What Happens During a Tarot Reading

by Iain Woods

At the start of a reading, most readers will generally ask for your name and ask what your question is. Occasionally readers may also ask for your date of birth as they may incorporate elements of Astrology or Numerology into their readings.

Why is a question necessary?
The question sets the context of a Tarot reading. It is possible to read without being given a question, however Tarot cards give meanings on many different levels and when no question is given, a reader will answer in general terms or will veer towards the topic that is most immediately apparent. By not giving a question, you may not receive the answer that you were looking for as it is often the nature of cards to tell us what we need to know rather than what we would like to know. If you have something specific that you want to discuss then it is best to inform your reader, so that they can look in more detail for you.

What sort of questions should you ask in Tarot?
There are two types of questions – open and closed.

Closed questions are those that give a yes or no answer and generally, they are not the best choice for a Tarot reading as it limits the amount of information available. Besides Tarot is not intended to answer specific yes or no questions but to be used as a guide to help you make decisions for yourself.

Open questions are those that bring in discussion. Carefully framing a question will help to focus your attention on the Tarot reading and help to build a more useful session as you gain insight into what actions you need to take after your reading.

Here are some examples of questions that work well with Tarot:
• What do I need to understand about…
• What is the lesson to be learnt about…
• What is it useful for me to know about…
• What influences may be affecting…
• What is the best way to…

Does Tarot predict the future?
No. Tarot does not predict the future. We all have free will and choice and the ability to shape our futures.

It does however let us imagine the future. It lets us explore and examine various options for the future. It allows us to form our thoughts and ideas so we can make choices and take actions that build our future.

Tarot gives us a way to visualise our smoothest route forward and a way to pre-empt our challenges and obstacles, to imagine solutions to problems before they even happen.

A Tarot reading is similar to a weather forecast, it’ll tell you what’s happening now and what may lie ahead. But we all know how the weather changes… Tarot gives you a heads up on when to pack your psychic umbrella!

This piece was researched and written by Karen Sealey from Psychic Ether

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