What Is An Indigo Person? Does This Look Like You?

What is an Indigo person?

  • An Indigo person is intuitive, empathic, and wise beyond their years, often referred to as "old souls." These unique individuals, frequently seen as highly creative and driven by a profound sense of purpose, challenge societal norms in their quest for truth and authenticity. Their distinct perspective and unwavering desire for a deeper understanding inspire many to embrace change and authenticity in their own lives.

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Indigo people possess the following attributes but often times need to learn how to manage them: Morality, Truth, Peace, Justice, Self-Enlightenment, Spreading Love, Protection, Teaching, Encouraging Change, Obsequious.

Morality - The first and perhaps the most important base of the indigo is having and holding a strong moral compass. Right and wrong. Working in our own lives to do the right thing as often as we can. We are not perfect; we will make mistakes, but always continue to build on a moral standard for yourself.

Peace - We must remember peace. Indigo are not warriors. This is always about peace. When you see arguments and trouble, sow peace. Do not create trouble as you walk about your days. In relationships fill them with love. Envision pink light around them and yourself. Spread peace.

What is an Indigo person really like?

Justice - Our sense of justice is strong. It is strong inside us. And it burns when we see injustice. Unfortunately we cannot outright fight this injustice, but we can take measures against it by bringing about love and light in our daily lives. Justice is strong within us. Lean into your divine self and you will know it. Feel it clearly. Use it daily.

What is an indigo person like with Self-Enlightenment? - The path we walk, as we chose to be here, brings challenges. Many trials will come upon us. The greater our ability, the greater the challenges. Indigos will always be tested. It is part of why we are here. Through this process we are being enlightened. By again moving away from the ego and into the divine self, the wisdom will come through our experiences as we learn them. Keep the course. Don't give up. They are difficult. So very difficult. Don't give up. They are so incredibly trying because you are so very bright.

What is an indigo person like with the Truth?

Truth is natural to us. It is inside us. The truth is there and everywhere, standing out, waiting to be heard. Listen for it carefully, clear away your ego, and let your divine sense take control and you will feel and know the truth. Once you feel the truth, let it flow through you.

Spreading Love - Aside from the great changes that will occur, in the here and now spreading love in our daily lives can and will lead to great progress. Live in a mindset of positivity. As you go about your day and see people in cars and along the walking paths offer them love "I love you, thank you" say it out loud or to yourself. This spreads positive energy, and if we are all spreading positive energy, it will certainly be a good day.

Protection - We are defenders in the heart, I do believe. Watch over the cities and communities you live in, should that be part of your purpose. Indigo can help many situations in the small communities they live in just by offering knowledge and presence. In situations where persons are oppressed, please, stand up for them.

Teaching - Once experience has taught us a great many things we wish to spread these ideas amongst others. We can and should do this. Wisdom and knowledge are great and beautiful things that can lead to progress. Gather groups together and discuss deep topics. Discuss life and philosophy. Get those ideas that people have, but don't talk about into the open! Have regular discussion groups. Bring in new members. Come up to strangers on the street and ask them big questions and see how they answer. They may surprise you with their insight.

Encouraging Change - This is the primary purpose of the Indigo, I do believe. To bring about great changes. What will those changes be? We don't really know as Indigo ourselves, do we? We just go about our daily lives trying to live them as we should. We don't exactly understand how these "great changes" will come about. That is OK. We don't have to understand exactly how it will happen or why. Trust that it will happen, as it should.

What is an indigo person like with their obsequious nature? - Always remember, Indigo serve humanity. We are not Gods. We are not prophets. We are servants of humanity, and to the greater benefit of man-kind.

Guest post by Justin Steckbauer 

Justin Steckbauer

Justin Steckbauer is a Christian author, blogger, and minister in training. He resides in Michigan and works for the Salvation Army.  Justin Steckbauer graduated magna cum laude from Liberty University, currently holding an associates degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a bachelors degree in the study of Religion.

Justin can be contacted via email to inquire about future writing opportunities: justinsteckbauer@gmail.com

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