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Why Me? Why Not?

by KiMaia
(New Zealand)

As a child I always had prophetic dreams, but didn't realise there was a term for it. I would have all sorts of visitors coming to see me. They would either stand at my bed, or they would be on their hospital beds or I would have recurring dreams of a pending death. When I would tell someone about these dreams, I soon come to realise that they didn't want to hear about these dreams because they feared them so I started to keep them to myself. For a good many years, they stopped and I was so glad. It was nice to feel what I thought was normal, to fit in with everyone else, to be accepted. However, of late, there seems to have been a shift. Because I don't necessarily dream them. I have had evenings now where when you're at that point of just about falling off to sleep and then suddenly someone pops into your mind, and you think to yourself, 'Why on earth am I thinking about this person?', only to find the next day that person has passed away. It was the most overwhelming sensation ever, because it was as if I could feel their energy. It was pretty scary after the fact...and its happened a few times now. The latest in fact, happened today. Got some distressing news that a relative had a major operation for stomach cancer and is now on life support, and just last night he and his partner just suddenly popped into my mind. I had no idea at all that he was even ill and I had not seen them for about 2 years. Not sure what to make of it...what I do know, is that everyone does have special or psychic abilities. I don't believe however that I am anymore special then the next person, but what I do know is that it is very real, and I will never ever discount what I see, hear or feel. Nor would I discount anyone elses experiences. Nice to have a place where you can vent your stories to like-minded people...Arohanui...

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Sep 02, 2008
Unknown Emotions
by: Luke in Livingston

I know it sounds weird but I can read other peoples thoughts and emotions but they sometimes get jumbled up when I don't concentrate hard enough on that person I can also sometimes here the dead and broadcast my own messages via my mind.

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