Wicked Lucid Dreams

by Nick
(Toronto, ON, CA)

A couple of months ago I had a dream about a place I’ve never been to before. It was nothing special, a house with a trampoline and a pool with a field at the back. In the dream I was walking around and I saw this cool little passage going to the field. The next day I woke up and thought nothing of it. I was recently invited to a friend of mine’s birthday party, when I got there I thought the house looked a little familiar, even though I’ve never been there. In the houses backyard there was a trampoline, a pool and a cool little passage leading to the field behind the house. I instantly realized it was the house from my dream.

I was dreaming one night about my school I walked a round and noticed this girl. I went over and talked to her. She had this brownish-gold hair and these blue eyes. The next day I woke up and carried on with my day. Recently I got invited up to my friend’s cottage. It was very nice, right on the lake. When I went in the house I was introduced to this girl with brownish-gold hair and blue eyes (sound familiar). She turned out to be a very close friend of the person who invited me to the cottage who flew here to see him.

I should probably mention that I am a very vivid Lucid Dreamer and have had numerous other psychic events that I will probably write about. - Nick

Unlike 'normal' dreams which are hazy, confused and often forgotten the second you wake up, lucid dreams are special. In a lucid dream you are 'awake within the dream'. You know you're dreaming, yet the world around you seems as 'real' as the one you're in now. So, whether you want to fly a fighter aircraft, sleep with Cameron Diaz or play guitar onstage with your favorite band, you can do it in a lucid dream. It will seem as real as anything you have ever done ... and you'll remember it in the morning too! Fortunately, the simple techniques you need to master to have a lucid dream whenever you want one are no longer the secrets of a 'chosen few'. Click here to read about the Lucid Dreaming Kit

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Jan 21, 2010
I Saw Cousin Shot In Dream
by: Wesley Needham

Well my experiences have been happening for a while now!! I had a lucid dream that my cousin was shot the night that he was. I saw my mom crying her eyes out in my doorway. I got out of bed and said that I knew and that he didn't suffer, it was quick and that he comes to me when I call him!

Brian Dakota Pendley was his name! Well that is his name to me.I see people that I don't know and I see how they die!! But everyone tells me that it is just a gift. If they only saw half of what I can!

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