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Wondering Psychic

by Brittni
(Beckley, WV)

When I was younger I seemed to "see things" or so my loving grandmother told me. She told me that I described perfectly an image of a little boy, in a blue suit with blue eyes and bright blonde hair. I told her that this boy was smiling and wasn’t suffering anymore. A week later a little boy had died in an old friend's family of my grandmother. She went to his wake and nearly fell over with shock because this was the little boy I had described. He had suffered from some type of cancer and had died at the age of 5. He has lost all his hair but next to the casket was a picture of him. The picture showed him with blue eyes, bright blonde hair, and a blue suit. I had never before seen this boy so I couldn't possibly have made it up.

A year later I had another "vision" this time of three family members. They were holding hands in a field of flowers. Tears streamed down their faces and they were very upset. I noticed that one person of that particular part of family was missing. I told my grandmother this and she didn't think anything of it. A few years later my Great Aunt Ket passed away leaving behind her son and daughter and her grandson. At the wake there were so many flowers that it literally looked like a field of nothing but flowers. When the three family members went to the casket to say goodbye they were standing in the exact order I saw them and holding hands crying.

As I got older I stopped "seeing things" and instead seem to have grown to be intuitive to people’s feelings and true motives. I also have vivid dreams. They don't always happen but something about the dreams seems to catch my attention anyways.

I also have a constant feeling of deja vu. Like I have seen or done this before. It’s really strange and I was wondering if anyone had an opinion as to what I might be experiencing.

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Jun 05, 2011
Psychic and Life Councelor
by: Annie222

My name is Annie and have been psychic my whole life. I was aware I was a little different when my mother told me "you?re my psychic one." My whole life I have been sharing my God given gift. I don't believe in abusing this gift in any way.

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