Writing on the Wall

by Shirley Loefke
(Colden, NY ,USA)

One night as I was watching TV I caught a glimpse of something red on the wall just to the right of the screen. I looked at it and it was some kind of writing on the wall. It looked like ink on a blotter would, blurred and fuzzy and as I watched it, it gradually began to fade.

The letters, which I couldn't tell what they were because of the blur to them, were dripping like paint dripping down the wall.

I told my family about it and they all laughed and made fun of me, some of them making the "oh brother" remark.

I saw this writing on the wall, I was not sleeping or dreaming and my gut feeling told me it was an encounter of some kind.

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Dec 21, 2008
Seen Writing On Wall Too
by: Lisa

I have had similar experiences with writing of the wall and can't explain it. You are definitely not crazy and neither am I. We'll kept searching for the answers together and when I find out more I'll let you know and when you find out more you let me know. I also have a post on this site titled "writing on the wall".

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