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Yellow Rubber Boots

by Derek
(Castle Rock, W.A. U.S.A.)

My story takes place in my sophomore year of high school in 1997. I did not live far from the school and had a friend that would come and pick me up every morning. One morning in particular I will never forget. On the way to school I started to tell him of this very odd dream I had the night before. It was like so many other dreams I have had where I am doing something that I usually do on a daily basis; the part that made it weird was the introduction of a few key elements. My friend thought it was just as weird as I did. We finished the ride to school without giving the dream a second thought, until we pulled into our school. There was a line of cars headed to the back of the school and nobody was parking in the front. I couldn't quite see why, but people were stopping just before they went in to the back. When the truck in front of us moved along I had a clear view of why everyone was slowing down as they passed. Our newly appointed counselor was standing under a massive yellow umbrella, in a yellow raincoat, and yellow rubber boots. My friend and I exchanged very shocked looks and parked in the back. It was then that my friend broke the silence. “Did that really just happen?" The dream I had just told him was a literal play by play of what had just happened. We both sat there, quietly smoking a cigarette, and he just said "awesome" over and over.

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