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by Robert Varcoe
(Souderton PA)

Hi everyone, first post here. Last night I heard from a friend about Indigo adults. I did some searching and found some sites; I think I might be an Indigo adult... I do not wish to go into my life’s stories here. I would rather listen and learn for a bit. My question is, with a brief story. Since I was a young adult I keep seeing the numbers 11:11, often several times a week, mostly on clocks. I have researched this and it is supposed to represent some sort of spiritual development. Does anyone else see these numbers and does it have anything to do with Indigo....



rlvarcoe at gmaildotcom.

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Jan 05, 2013
Time on phone
by: Sinthi

This happens to me about 90% of times when I look at the clock, sending a sms or calling someone.

Aug 09, 2010
It's popping up everywhere
by: Samantha

You are not alone in your weird experiences of seeing 11:11. I see it all the time as well and it's actually becoming more well known to people around the globe. There are several theories as to why people are seeing this specific time but we will never know the truth until it is staring at us right in the face. Don't let it worry you just go with the flow and take note that you are special as well as the others who take note of it daily. I am sure that one day we will know just what this is, why it is, and what we are here for.

May 24, 2010
11.11 am I going crazy?
by: stephen

Yesterday my ex wife rang and when I looked at the time on my mobile it was 11.11am> Today I got a text of a friend,same thing when I heard my phone beep it was 11.11am. Twice at work last week I checked the time on my phone and both times it was 11.11 am. Once was on monday and once was on Wednesday. I have had this before but it was several months ago when I checked the time on my phone. Am I going crazy? Sometimes at night when I wake up and roll over to look at the time on the alarm clock it is 11.11pm this has occoured 3 times in the last 12 months!

Apr 04, 2010
11:11am December 21st 2012
by: Anonymous

When I read your post about 11:11 I felt all tingly. The other day I was reading about the 2012 theory and they believe that at 11:11am on the 21st December 2012 that when the myans calander finishes and returns to zero. This isnt myth this is fact the Myand actually lived and we found their calander and so far they have predicted every lunar eclipse and full moon so far and it has been spot on.

Others think that the world will end because the calander ends at that exact time. But personally I think it flips over and starts again, but this will cause things in the earth to happen and changes in our bodies.I just found this site it kinda does my head in there is alot of info on it. I belive that if there are changes in our bodies most of us human won't be able to handle or deal with this. Indigo's are said to accept change easily mabey that's why we are hear to help others adujst to the change. So everyone knows the calander ends or flips over and starts again but no one is sure or how it will affect us. Go to this site it may help.

Bella xox

Feb 22, 2010
by: Mary

I see it all the time as well. I looked it up a while ago and it is supposed to represent an awakening. Something big is supposed to happen on 1/1/11. These next few years are going to be exciting, so sit back and enjoy while the mysteries unravel to reveal themselves.

Nov 28, 2009
by: GIG

It's interesting that many people are going through the same experience as seeing the same time. I started seeing the time about a year ago

I now see the same time approx 5-7 times a day and mainly the morning numbers of 08.08 09.09 10.10 11.11. and so on.

From my understanding it's a calling card for Indigo people to start their task. Dont be shocked if you feel a need to move jobs or even away from your family to a new location. One thing for sure is this is OUR time to change the world.

You can not do this on your own but you will certainly start building the foundation for the new world that will come into serious effect at the start of 2011 and reach it's climax at the end of 2012.

The world will not end as some people are suggesting but a new one that will begin.

Oct 31, 2009
You're not alone
by: Dave

I have been having strange experiences with the number 1022. This has been going on for over 30 years. I keep thinking somebody is trying to tell me something.

Jul 21, 2009
I Can Relate!
by: Anonymous

For me it's always on clocks, and it's not 11 it's 1. I have been seeing it for a while now all the time, it got my attention but I wasn't sure what the meaning was. Thanx.

Jul 11, 2009
by: J. Hunter

I also see 11:11 and other time frames, why is this happening.

May 23, 2009
by: Dana

When I first noticed it I thought it was just some crazy coincidence but then it began appearing 9 times out of 10!!! Here is what I've found when I looked it up....

Pay close attention to the repeating # 11

#11- Means follow your Intuition

It's the issue of Subtlety, Sensitivity, Awareness & a Presence of Knowledge that is not being applied...Follow your Gut!
You are making the Wrong decisions based on what you think you know, while deep down your Intuition is telling you to go a different direction.

"Read Between the Lines"

*Your Inner-Self is attempting to communicate with you & you are not listening!!!!
Open up & acknowledge what you know...Trust Thyself!

May 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

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May 15, 2009
Your message re 11:11 on clocks etc
by: Keith

You are not alone. This is exactly what is happening to me too

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