Where Are The Absolutely Free Psychic Readings?

For getting absolutely free psychic readings take a look through these tips and advice on how to find the free psychic chat rooms, phone psychics, online clairvoyants and tarot readers.

Start Your Free Psychic Reading with Kasamba

Different companies will use different offers involving free minutes or a change of reader guarantee to entice you into trying their psychics.

These absolutely free psychic readings from professional advisors can be one of the best ways to find a good psychic that you click with personally - without financial risk.

I’m taking it that you already know the types of psychic readings you are looking for.

So now I will run through a few options so you can ‘test the water’ without paying up front. This will let you try a few psychics and see who will give you something concrete to go on.

So wisely use these free offers first.

Absolutely Free Psychic Readings

Kasamba have been providing psychic reading services to thousands of satisfied customers from around the world for many years. Their psychics are experienced, compassionate, and insightful, and will give you a reading you won't forget! Kasamba Psychics have a very good feedback rating system. The main difference is that your absolutely free psychic reading can be chat from your phone or computer as well as over the phone. Their online chat and mobile experience are far superior.

Here are the steps.

  1. Choose a reader from this list of online readers offering you absolutely free psychic readings until you are happy to hire them.
  2. Start a LIVE chat session by clicking the 'Contact LIVE' button.
  3. The first few minutes are free. Payment starts only when YOU are ready.
Post question here and Psychics answer you

Alternatively, you can use their public board.

If you have a specific question but you are not sure whom to ask, simply post your request and wait for the Psychics to contact you with their advice.

BUT, at the moment, this particular option is only available on a desktop view. (Mobile users are directed to the 3 free minute offer as mentioned above.)

Acquire a free keen psychic reading.

With Keen Psychic Reading you can get 3 minutes free when you start. First select the reader here, and then you will be taken to a form to enter your details. You then supply your email address and the phone number you are to be called on. If you are on a dial up internet connection, you will have enough time to enter your details then close your computer so that after a short delay your number is free to be called. Of course if you are on broadband this won’t be an issue. You will be asked for your credit card details - this covers two important areas. By the way, they have a very good guarantee and fraud protection policy in place. First it proves you are over 18 years of age and legally able to have the consultation. Then after your free minutes are up, if you chose to continue the reading you will be charged at the end of the reading. The rate per minute will depend upon the advertised rate on each individual psychic. They set their own rates. You will find the newer readers to Keen charge lower rates per minute. The more established psychics with very good feedback ratings are ably to charge higher rates as they are more in demand. So have a good look through and find the psychic you feel most connected to and take up the free psychic reading for three minutes offer now.

Four Free Psychic Minutes

More Absolutely Free Psychic Readings

To use the free chat reading offer from LifeReader, first you choose the reader you want, then register for a free account, and then you're connected direct to your reader. Full information on how the LifeReader offer works can be found on this page.

Clairvoyant Astrologer - Sara Freder offers you a free reading this way: "I commit myself: I will e-mail you Your Free Personal Horoscope, My Lucky Numbers and Your Secret of Abundance. I make the promise I will not ask of you a single dollar for the reading you will receive. Not now. Not later. My absolutely free psychic readings are 100% free! The only thing you need to do to get this free reading is to fill in the questionnaire on the next page."

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