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Accepting Indigo Ability

by Kath Riley
(Lancashire, England)

I’m 22, I don’t know much about this really, yet I’ve always had a calling to read up on it. When I was younger I always sensed when someone was sad even if they weren’t crying and I’d show them it would be alright. I always have done that, this strange ability to know what others are feeling most of the time has never left me.

In most of my childhood and teens I was drunk most of the time and trying to block it out so I didn’t hurt if someone else did. Not realizing I had to help them not just feel pain around me, though it’s not always pain. I get strange understandings of the world and the creative mind, I somehow know that I am meant to be creative but don’t know what for just yet.

I'm a musician and artist and I write at least 2 songs a day, which is apparently a high creative mind but I thought it was normal. Since childhood I’ve always been drawn to Haworth in Yorkshire though I live in Lancashire. I visited a museum of the Bronte sisters and felt dizzy and cried, my friend had to take me out because I couldn’t stop crying. I also see spirits which I did as a child but have spent most of my life trying to block it because I’ve been too afraid.

I am now trying to embrace all this for whatever reason I need to be aware of these things. I have also experienced a lot of emotional hurt and physical hurt through my 22 years and keep being told I’m an old soul and that I am 'wise beyond my years'. I just don’t understand it all, but I have to try.

If I’m here to help I must.

I don’t know how though..


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Aug 29, 2012
U r an empath.
by: Madison

It means u feel others emotions.. My mom's one, so I know alot about it. Email me

Dec 25, 2011
I third that
by: Anonymous

I am 25 years old and have been feeling the exact same way most of my life.

I can constantly feel peoples thoughts, pains, worries and for some strange reason i know what they are going to say before asking.

It has only been over the past 3 years i have started to become more in touch with these feelings.

I have had many strange dreams which end up happening in real life..

Im also a creative, i am a designer and find that when i do this kind of work i feel more balanced... it helps me to cope.

Im have just set out on a discovery about myself and am trying to find answers or anyone that can help me to channel into what is happening... im not sure if there is anything i can do but please anyone that has any suggestions i would be forever greatful...


May 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wow. U just basically said my life.. besides the musican.. I paint :) I'm 28 and just realizing that I'm not an emotional freak.. so u have intense dreams? About things that haven't happened yet?

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