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Aggravated Indigo

by David
(Toms River)

All right, it's like this. I'm an Indigo, I know I am. I've always been. I'm the weirdo, hardly survived high school by staying low key, had some trouble, but I knew enough to stay down and shut up because, damn did I feel different, I even remember having trouble with other kids my age in kindergarten. I can't stand stupid people, and I go from wishing humanity would just die one moment to wanting to help everyone the next. I could never hold down a service job, I usually quit jobs that required me to deal with the public.

I can't relate to anyone, my psychic powers are really weak, I'm an empath and now I know why I get my ass kicked everyday by such strong emotions (I didn't realize I was an empath until I looked back on my past and remembered all the times I felt dizzy, sick, and on edge) My social skill are shit and now, on top of everything else, when I try to meditate on the chakras, I can only go for 20 minutes and not really get anywhere. On top THAT, I can't even relate to other Indigos? What the heck?

I'm drowning here, and I haven't been able to find support. It's not easy for me to reach out. I keep thinking I'm intruding or I'm not wanted or too weird to get to know. I'm such a shut-in because of my Indigo nature, I'm drowning. Things have gotten so bad, and this is so big, I can't do it myself this time and hide out in secret. What do I have to do to get this to work? I'm called by visions and spiritual voices but when I make a real effort, I'm still isolated. I really don't understand.

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Jun 15, 2010
Thanks David
by: Adima

I know EXACTLY how you feel and at this point......your words have helped me. So, thank you. The craziness I've been feeling is starting to subside thanks to entries like yours...

Apr 19, 2010
Namaste David
by: Sylvia

I agree with Kathy. I don't know if this will help, but there are energy places in/around your home where you can connect with your spirit friends easier. You will feel a difference when you're there. Mine is on the patio. I sit down and ask for white light to surround me. Then I ask for help in dealing with my feelings. They are there for you and will help IF you ask. You are never alone and they want to help you cope. Don't forget to thank them. They appreciate the acknowledgement. Most of us haven't had earth bound help and know what you are going through.

Mar 18, 2010
Oh David.
by: Anonymous

This is the first Indigo page I've read and, wow, you made me giggle. I feel this way all the time. I'm glad I'm not alone. Thank you for brightening up my night with your possibly unintentional sense of humor.

"Going from wishing all of humanity would just die to wanting to help everyone the next" - brilliant. You couldn't have expressed the way I feel most of the time in a better way.

Mar 11, 2010
Boy do I understand!
by: Anonymous

I guess I'm an empath too. Never quite understood quite what that meant until you said you have crazy emotions! I can truly relate, especially lately. Ive always been different, and very emotional n got my feelings hurt easily. SUCKS HUH! I am a seer I've had so many visions about the future and have been fortunate enough to have at least my family to share them with. (I'm sure they get tired of me telling them "see I told you this would happen!")

My visions started after I started having grand mall seizures, but I've been an indigo all my life. I can truly relate to the loneliness though. Sometimes I feel really up and happy about life, then the next I feel like committing suicide. Pathetic I know, but believe me you are NOT alone! Have faith:) God seems to be the only one who can get me through the toughest times. Hang in there, I have a feeling were gunna be needed! PEACE;)

Mar 07, 2010
its ok David
by: Kathy

David, you obviously are hypersensitive and that's OK!

Just feel/see/understand what is going on around you and OBSERVE.. its not YOUR journey it's there's.. its OK for you ... just become an observer...

Your life is your own and your hypersensitivity makes you VERY special and gives you a space that at times can be very frustrating/lonesome/angry... but understand that its OK... "you are where you are meant to be" and being who you are makes your valuable to all of us

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