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Alien Indigo Girl

by Alien Girl

I am an alien. Born in Roswell, New Mexico, I have never felt like I belonged here on this earth. I am beyond intelligent, but school just didn't suit me. I'm a nonconformist and a real radical. I am a business powerhouse. It's what I was made for.

I know I can make a difference in the world and create positive change. I possess all the tools and now, almost four decades into my life, the stars are aligning and the doors opening.

But will I able to succeed? Will I be able to meet the challenge? Will I be able to discover and obtain that difficult balance that we Indigos so long for and need. This is my dilemma.

Sun, Moon, and Mercury all in Capricorn with Taurus rising and a Life Path of 7.

2012 just happens to be "11" year. Fellow Indigos...I need you to teach me how to find that balance.

Ascension depends on it.

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Jan 13, 2013
41-year-old Indigo
by: Anonymous


I was born in 1972. I am an adult Indigo as well. Every day I yearn for interaction with other Indigos. My heart aches with loneliness... I NEED to find and correspond with someone soon.

I am going to meet with someone to help me learn to harness my abilities as since I was a child, I have 'unlearned' most of them... even though I haven't 'forgotten' them.

Please contact me via email.


Sorry for such a short story. It's late and I am tired... not to mention my son is yammering at me, lol.

Jul 18, 2012
me too!
by: Tygorl

As a recently self diagnosed Indigo adult in her late 30's it's a relief to find others close to my age in the same situation!! Usually I'm reading about folk much older or barely out of their teens.

Funny the mention of moldavite - I am being drawn to this stone currently, having gone through many 'cravings' for different ones recently - the collection is growing. Until recently I didn't like the look of moldavite, but it's now on the list to buy.

I highly recommend black tourmaline, I have recently bought a piece to go onto a neck chain, it called me to the crystal store. I feel much better when wearing it in my negative work environment - ironically enough it's a government wonder I've had such a rough few years here!

Jun 04, 2012
I feel the same.
by: Cookie

I can relate to your story as I feel almost all of which you mentioned above.
Recently I've also managed to get a piece of Moldavite. Never were a Crystal person, My friend was visiting a Crystal shop and out of curiosity I asked if they sell "Rocks from Space" The man suggested Moldavite and without any doubt, i took it. (The 1st comment was the reason to motivate me to post this comment. ) This was last week. My ear's been buzzing crazily but I'm insisting on wearing it. I don't meditate as I find sitting still very difficult. :)

I'm 37 and I feel that there's an urgent calling for me to do "Something" But not knowing what should i do or how to do it. Hence here am I . LOL

By the way... I'm very very new to this Indigo Child/ Adult thing. Heard this term less than a week ago. (After I got my Moldavite )

I feel that like me, You will love your Moldavite.

After all, Its from somewhere near our Planet !

Good Luck and Perhaps we will be meeting someday walking the path we are destined to walk.

Cookie Rules

Mar 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

It is okay, you are just where you are meant to be. Before you begin with stones you must first work on yourself, meditate. Listen inside. And I then recommend you start with a small piece of moldaviite. Feel it above your left hand. The energy is strong, you will know when ready. I think you will find yourself more in tune with this. Be sure to always keep a grounding stone with you, obsidian or black tourmaline. And walk barefoot in the earth. To cleanse, all you need to do is white sage, none of this ritualistic stuff. You'll know, it's not really needed. Be love and light and others you will meet will also be the same. You must take care of yourself, rose quartz is good, as well, very good! You need it I feel. You are not alone. Do not look outside of yourself for answers, you are purity. And do not frett more love is coming, the fear vibration will dissipate soon. But remember, 1, work on you first, 2. When the fear and loss makes you sick, tap into the love vibration of the light workers we are here and more and more are awakening. We will send out love always. 3. Meditate, 4. Bless and compassion for those not in your shoes, 5. When you found the place and love, get your crystals, from a good warm place. And please, whole foods, no tap water be as good to you as you can. We love you! Love and light!

Jan 25, 2012
New Mexico
by: Kenneth

I live in New Mexico. I moved here about two years ago. I have been slowly preparng for the coming days. I was looking to make friends with someone in Mexico who might be preparing for the same thing. I would like to talk to a pen pal. Then maybe vist the area if interested please write. Yahoo message Thank you.

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