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Alpha Generation

by Nathan Ryder
(Sweet Springs, MO)

Obviously I question the concept of a first generation of old souls. I've read a lot of writings delivered by authors that are undoubtedly wise beyond their years I.e. Anne Frank, Tupac Shakur, Frederick Nietzsche. Two of them were born prior to 1960.

I ask was there an event that initiated the rise in numbers of Indigos or is it just an occurrence of exponential growth as we close in on a future cataclysm?

In a semi related issue, the article written as advice from the self titled Alpha to the posterity was just sound advice to all parents everywhere. As much as I hate to use this phrase, but it was just common sense of child rearing.

As I close I just want to express my belief in the existence of Indigos, I have learned mainly through astrology that I am certainly an old soul due to a Pisces north node. I came to the conclusion that this is the last lifetime I will inhabit the Earth and human being.

I am still in the process of finally leaving my mark on humanity and defining my legacy. It will be through mastery of communication in an artistic form.

Please allow me to use this gift to inspire the indigos to overcome and conquer consciousness.

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