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Am I an Indigo Adult?

by Paula Pinto

Am I an Indigo person? I'm not sure but all that I know is that I always ask "why" and I don't do anything till I'm given the reason. I really hate stupid people, especially those that don't even try to think by themselves, always asking the "how to do this", we have a brain, use it!

I never had excellent grades at school, except for philosophy; probably I didn't try enough but I'm good finding solutions for problems. I have never dealt very well with control, all my life I tried to make a stand, with parents, teachers and employers, as well as with co-workers; I have always preferred to work alone and if I had to work in team that was very hard for me if I wasn't in the leadership; even in my personal life I need to be the master!

I never had problems with the street lamps but when I'm feeling anger, or down, the electric devices simply stop working with me!

I do believe that this is one of many worlds, and I mean in real life and parallel worlds; I do believe that we are reborn as many times as we need in order to achieve certain spiritual goals.

Many times I feel the presence of spirits, especially in certain times of the year; I have been in touch with such things since being five years old.

I am very emotional, I try by any means to help everyone and when I can I feel I failed somehow; I feel most of the time sad and depressed, as if there's something missing but don't know what it is.. I cry easily if I see a wounded animal and I can become intense, if I must, in order to protect myself.

I feel frustrated because I cannot change the world and people and it makes me sad that no one listens to me.

In short, I feel as if this is not my world, as if I am living somebody else's life.. This is a strange world for me, full of pain, rage and the more I try to do something to make the difference it all seems to get worse ...

Am I an Indigo Person??

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