Am I an Indigo child?

by Jess

I was always told I was special and had something different that no one else had. This always made me so mad because I didn’t know what was so special about me. One day my Mom gave me a bunch of things on Indigo children she found from the internet and told me I should read it, it may help me understand. Well I didn't read everything she gave me but I talked to her about it and she said I’m here for a reason, something will change and when it does the Indigos have to stand together and fight. Does this sound crazy? I feel like I’m going nuts thinking about this but at the same time I have always felt like I am here for a greater good and have always felt like a fighter by being strong minded and set in my ways a bit. It’s funny I only found this website because I’m researching the color Indigo. So maybe it’s true? I’m not sure..

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Jan 25, 2012
by: macie

When my mom told me I was an indigo child, I didn't think much of it. Then I started to do some research...

I feel so blessed to be the way I am! but honestly i don't feel special or diffrent! I don't even know my purpose in life...

At first I did not believe I was an indigo then I had a physic tell me I was now I do beleive

Jul 12, 2009
by: hailey

I am an Indigo Child. Me and my best friend's. I have 2 best friends. I told them this because i trust them so much. They also developed psychic abilities at a youg age. Me- 10 or so Friend 1- 11 1/2 Friend 2- 12 exactly. I'm scared of this and it's outcomes. I need help but the 2 people i trust the most are going through the same thing. So we have done as much research as possible. We are all frightened of the outcome.
I am NOT insane

Feb 24, 2008
How blessed
by: bethoc

I am so happy for you! I can understand how overwhelming it feels to be so different from everyone else. I grew up feeling like an alien from another planet. Here's hope. You may not know how fortunate you are. It is so rare for parents to spot their child's unique abilities then provide resources to explore those issues you may be experiencing. She accepted you for who you are and that speaks volumes for your acceptance of your purpose in this life. Indigos are here to create a peaceful, non-violent shift in societal structures and educational practices. With the onslaught of instant info and communication human beings are evolving to think smarter. I believe Indigos will be an invaluable resource who will make this transition to new awareness easier for all peoples. We are the children of loving light in a very exciting time of progress in man's development as a being of god's creation. Keep reading up and don't be afraid- the future is bright. You have been given a gift which will bring hope to many who cross your path during these transitional times of the early millenia.

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