Am I Indigo, Crystal, or Star Seed?

by Gabrielle
(Mansfield, OH)

Hello, I have been reading a lot about light workers lately. I watched a movie about indigo children when I was younger and I remember it gave me chills and I thought to myself, "is this what I am?" but pushed the thought away because my parents didn't believe in that.

When I was a baby, my parents were concerned because I wouldn't talk. I simply did not speak and they took me to doctors and were concerned that I was autistic or something. Then out of nowhere I began talking and it was never an issue again...

All of my life people I have met have told me I am an old soul. I feel like one, I am 19 years old right now but I feel like an elderly person watching over all the young people. I have endured many, many intense and painful hardships in my life that have made me wise beyond my years. I also feel a CONSTANT calling and responsibility to the world around me, as if I should be doing something to change it or save it. I get depressed easily because I am so incredibly sensitive to energy and emotion; I remember being younger, if I saw something bad happen to somebody their emotions would hit me so hard as if the thing happened to me, not them. I feel like I am meant to carry people's burdens because I often do , but it exhausts me mentally and emotionally. I also used to hear people say things in my head before they would actually say them or be able to predict things happening in my head before they happened. however, this ability has greatly diminished since i have gotten older.

I feel a personal connection to the universe, a feeling of love and that is why i feel like i have to do my best to do the right thing and contribute as much goodness as possible to the world. I also notice that I am very good at doing anything I want to do: art, music, flow art, hoop dancing, singing, crystal wrapping, etc...

I am very confused as to what I am, why I have encountered these things, and what I am supposed to do from here. It has left me feeling very sad and hopeless and I really need to meet people like me.

I hope somebody can help explain these things to me and shed some light.

I am deeply in need of a community of people like me.

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Oct 07, 2015
Miss Starr,
by: Gabrielle

Thanks Mrs Starr, I really appreciate the encouragement. ive decided recently that it might benefit me to search for an actual group of people like me that i can relate with to maybe help me along the way. it would help a lot with the loneliness. i am trying to keep my heart and mind open so i can see my calling.

Sep 29, 2015
Your Calling
by: Ms. Starr

Reading what you wrote I see a bit of myself at your age. You have the calling and will learn over time what your gift is. You sound like you maybe an empath like myself. It is one thing at time i wish I wasn't. The only thing I can say is you need to learn how to shield yourself from other peoples feelings, though if you find an occupation where it helps to be able to feel. Like a nurse doctor or social work of some kind. I worked in the medical field prior to my retirement. Now I help out here. If you wish to contact me feel free to do so. Just know we are here for you and there are many people just like us out here.

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