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Am I indigo?

by Michaela

Hello I’m Michaela,

My story is that I’m now 14 coming to 15 soon, 31st August. I was born in 1994 but the thing is I was supposed to have a twin brother and it was most likely to be a boy, my mother told me. But I’ve always felt it was going to be a girl but I never knew I was going to have a twin till I was about 10. During the age of 6 and up I’ve always felt a spirit in my house and I would always get scared to walk up the stairs by myself, in case there was someone behind me, even though the house was empty!

My sister Charlotte, age 16, used to always want to be called Sarah as she always had dreams since she was a little girl. Sometimes the dreams were scary ones and sometimes kind ones, but she was always saying “call me Sarah or you not in my gang and I won’t talk to you" when she was at least 5. But I have another sister Katharine, now 20, she's never had anything like that and neither my other brother Aaron, my Mum or my Dad or anyone in her family. It’s quite strange to think of it but I’ve only really just thought about being indigo when I heard about it more on this program on T.V "My Kid's Psychic".

But the thing is, back to my twin, I never her voices or anything but I used to love dressing up in a fairy outfit but I stopped believing in them at 7. When I felt like I was being followed around my house I’ve always been afraid of my house all the tension in it, now I just like to get out and forget about it can you help me with this?? Anyone thank you so much ..x

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Jun 23, 2009
Aloha Michaela!
by: Anonymous

Precious Ingigo, Beloved Michaela, I hope you are guided to return to this "post" after all, your question was posted in May, here we are near the end of June, 09.

I would offer you my personal email to coorispond with you, if you would be incline. I want to offer you a website that may help you in your search. Please don't give up, nor take EVERYTHING you read personaly. Its real important that you listen to your heart. Real important to FEEL what is really being spoken. You are an Intelligent young lady and It is NO MISTAKE that you are seeking answers at this age.

Please visit: and take your time with that site, as it can be very overwhelming at first. The most important thing to remember is you must FEEL in your deepest most quiet place if what it is you read brings you comfort, or fear. You can tell if your heart starts beating faster, or does your stomach start turning? If its your heart, it may be a new awakening and if its your stomach, its probably fear saying stay away. Listen, and Allow.
You can reach me

I highly recommend the book, The Voyagers Vol. 1 & 2. Written by Ashayana Deane

Blessings Are Upon You, Beloved!
My name is Love.

May 14, 2009
Indigo Squire
by: S.B.

I can feel pain.... that aint mine,lol
I can hold kindly through chaos.

Im ending the construct of famine in 3rd density by 23 oct 2023 in its entirety.

The indigo thing is just a label at the day. The mother of the indigo is more important.

May 14, 2009
How do I find out
by: Candy

How do I find out if I was an Indigo Child and am now an Indigo adult?

May 07, 2009
Time to Confront
by: Bridget

Sometimes we have to confront our fears. This is something you can not avoid. My story started when I was 12. Not going into debth its a long story. But I ask God to take it away because I don't want to be different. And for years the gift I had no longer worked. But now I'm 35. I say I still have at least 1/2 of it. I believe there is a higher power but it is different then the God everyone thanks about or worships its just different. But kinda the same. Now I wish I would of never ask him to take it away.

Don't run from your house. You have to confront what is scaring you. It's proably a ghost.

All you have to say is
In this hour of this day please make whats ever freighting me go away. In Gods name I trust. keep repeating it if you have too over and over

Then if you still are scared tell what ever is scaring you its time for them to go to the other side this is your house now and you will take care of it.

You do not have to say this out loud. You can say it in your mind so people don't think your crazy.
I hope this helps and sorry it is so lenghty.

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