Am I Indigo

by Bunny Voodoo
(Belgrade, Serbia)

Hey! When I first heard about Indigos I was intrigued. After reading a lot of forums and stories I felt for the first time in my life connected with people, and that I belong somewhere.

Since early age when I felt sad or alone I say "I want to go home"; my mother use to say "but you're home" but that's not the home I was talking about. I still don't know where that HOME of mine is, all I know is that I feel incredible pain when I think about place where I come from, and deep inside I feel I don't belong here on Earth.

I have completely different vision of what Love, Will and Truth are, than other people I know. Sometimes they say same things that I do, but in their deeds I don't see that they believe in those words. Not really. Of course because of me believing in my words and theories I was stabbed in back many times in my life, but I still don't want to change and be like other people.

The most important thing for me, well one of things, is that I can look at myself in mirror and feel good and pure. About "powers". Well that would be strong intuition, I just don't know yet to separate it from my Ego, so I could know for sure it's pure intuition. And sometimes I see things happen seconds before they happen. For example, I was sitting in club chatting with ex-boyfriend when I pulled him to stand up. The thing is I heard sound of breaking glass and pulled him so we don't get wet and stuff. But the glass fell after I pulled him. He of course was confused, so was I. I don't like when something like that happens in public, I don't want anyone to see something like that, I don't know for sure why.

I didn't read books about meditation etc, but I can meditate in my own special way. I just visualize black silhouette dancing around fire, and I dance along. After that things run their own course.

I have important question. As I age, my memory is weird, I just feel or simply know something but I can't memorize anything. I love reading books since I was little but now, don't get me wrong I still read A LOT, but I just don't remember books after some time. Not remember like every detail, I don't remember anything! Not even what was it about.

And since my 21st birthday, exactly 8 months after 21st to be precise, I got horrible migraines and I still have them. I went to doctor but they can't find that anything is wrong with me. I ask about these migraines because I've heard 21 years is, I don't know exact word, sorry I am from Serbia but I'll use phrase "legal age", when it comes to Magica.

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Oct 13, 2012
to ZorbaZiv
by: Bunny Voodoo

ty so much, I'll check it out! :)

Oct 11, 2012
Help For Migraines
by: ZorbaZiv

I know another indigo who suffers from migraines like you. Here's her website, maybe you can find something helpful there.

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