Am I really an Indigo?

by Alexa
(Reno, Nevada, United States.)

Hi! My name is Alexa, I am nineteen years old. I am from Mexico, but moved here to the United States since I was thirteen years old.

Mmmm let's see.. well, I have always felt an incredible inner peace and self-confidence. I like to have fun, to joke around and to take life easy. I always tend to look at the positive side, never the negative. I space out sooo much! jaja. I am very imaginative and creative. I love different things, like from different cultures.. everything new to me.

Some say I'm kind of weird, but I say different. Anyway, sometimes, I find some things to be pointless, (like ranks and material things: "good jobs", money, "great cars", "good looks"). I feel indifferent towards these things and most conversations bore me to death, that's why I add my joking around stuff to them jaja.

I want to know new things, and I get bored very easily. I love animals, all types. I get very emotional whenever I get to watch that something bad is being done to them. I am in love with nature jaja! I love plants! Especially trees.. I feel protected, fresh and peaceful. The sky.. to me the sky is so beautiful. It changes everytime. I go crazy looking at the clouds. I space out more than two times a day, (pretty crazy jaja). The rain has never made me feel depressed; it inspires me so much. The wind I feel like I can REALLY feel it all the way to my bones.

I appreciate every little living thing. I see us all, and by all I mean all people, animals, and plants, equally. I love to listen to music and imagine things as I listen. I have fantasized fully for as long as I can remember. I remember most of my dreams. I dream a lot with water rising, or with places full of water. I have dreamed with places that I've never seen before, more than twice. I dream some things, and they happen. Often, I am conscious in my dreams, and so I do whatever I want. Though sometimes I can't control myself and end up with a weird ache in my forehead and the sides of my forehead.

Sometimes I feel like bad vibes in the air, in certain places. When this happens I feel like my energy is being drained out. I feel very weak, both physically and spiritually. I don't want to be alone at that time, I cling to someone. I kind of want to cry too,(crybaby, jaja!) Sometimes, I randomly think of something, and the someone else says it. I feel like people read my mind or something.

I hate it when people misjudge others. I hate deceit, lies, hypocrisy, generalizing, war, racism, and everything that makes others feel less. I am very open minded and like to respect other people's beliefs. Most of the time I feel misunderstood. Like they don't know EXACTLY what I mean and feel, like they don't understand me, (not all the time though, cause there some pretty cool people out there)I want to be free from this material world.

Anyway! jaja. The thing is, I have always felt different somehow, I don't know if it is because I may be egocentric or something, or because I really feel it. (and I really feel it by the way jeje).

Last December, I met an astrologer when I visited Mexico. She made me what is called a "Carta Astral" (I don't know it in english, sorry!) May be "astral letter"? Well, she explained lots of things about how I am, my life and stuff, the energy that I received when I was born and such. I felt that some were true and some not, and that's ok. Well, then she told me that I had this combination of these three stars I think, that make me an indigo. I was like "whaaat?" jaja! When I first met her, she also told me that I gave pleasant, good vibes! Honestly, I was kind of flattered, really jaja.

So I want to know what you think. Am I an Indigo? I mean, do I seem like one? And if so, what is that really? (Haha sorry, all the other explanations just don't seem to get to me).

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Nov 17, 2011
He there!
by: Mesi

I can relate to most of your story. I come from Indonesia. Since I was a child, I have always acted like royalty and was hyper. I had dreams about water, where in my dream I lived in the water and surrounded by water dome. I love fairy tales, and have always been attracted to medieval story. I can sense lies and pick up someone's emotions easily. Being around negative people drains me, emotionally. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar. I really want to connect to other Indigos. I feel lonely and isolated from the rest of the world. I have a daughter who I believe is also an Indigo Child.

Aug 30, 2010
I want to know more about indigo people
by: Nathan

So is it only a select group of people that are indigos or are we all that way, but we haven?t discovered our abilities yet?

Jun 06, 2010
I hope this helps a little
by: Dax

Hey, Alexa
I hope someone was able to answer your question, if not I will give it a shot.

I believe you have a number of things going on for you, and yes some of them are classic signs of an Indigo. Indigo's tend to get bored easily, and many times reject the conventional. They see everything differently, and if I recall correctly have been known to almost act like royalty when their bodies are young, they will think nothing off correcting an adult, and usually believe respect is earned not automatically given just solely based on the age of the body. I wish I could give you a definite answer, but sadly I cannot, I'm a Violet, and a lot a times the best way to tell if your in Indigo, is to have another Indigo Identify you, or you could find someone who can physically see Auras. I do believe your an empath, this would also explain love you animals and nature, as well as your emotional reactions when you see bad things happening to them. Your most likely an old soul (Most Indigo's are) despite there current physical appearance. Your water dreams are interesting to me, I have the same kind, but as a rule water can represent knowledge, and if its bright in your dreams the bright light represents wisdom, pay attention to when your having these dreams and write everything down it may be useful. Your conscious dreams are known as lucid dreaming, also your zoning out and getting the feeling that everything is connected are all other signs of a awaking, I bet if you meditated you'd be a natural at it.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at daxtris25(at)gmail.(com) just make sure you type the email in correctly :)


May 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

You may very well be, I believe you are. But I could always be wrong.

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