Amanda at AstroCenter

by Angela

Amanda is one of those advisors you would remember for years to come. She sticks out because she has the wisdom of a 100 year old but at the same time is a young and beautiful non-judgemental being!!!

I have spent thousands on many different readers and I got a lot of different versions of how my life would pan out.

Amanda's predictions were way different than what the other readers had told me. This made me avoid using Amanda for a 6 month time period. It turned out that Amanda was the only one who got it all right.

Everybody else told me what I wanted to hear. Amanda is honest and straight to the point. She does not sugar-coat anything and tells you exactly what she sees. I now have used her regularly for the last 3 years and I have no need to contact anybody else for a second opinion.

She reads my life like a magazine (LOL) Her accuracy in all regards from past to current predictions have all come true. Her work speaks for itself. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her!!!

The way I contact her:



You can check out her hours at

Good Luck!!!:)

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Not for me
by: Anonymous

I read with her twice. Hoping the second time would be better. She was very direct. Almost to rude. She have no time frames and said contact from the person i question was his free will and they would contact me on their own time but he would contact me. So far no contact. She also stated he wanted to be free no commitment. Strange to know she didn't pick up that he is married. Then she gave advice. Mabe we just didn't connect.

Time will tell
by: Anonymous

I tried Amanda. She was to the point but did no give a time frame and was very frank with her answers. She did ask a few question like last time talked to person and how long we have been apart Whig makes me suspicious because she didn't give detailed info on my situation. It was like talking to a friend who was giving advice.

by: Anonymous

I am extremely happy with the reading I received from Amanda. Thankyou for the recommendation!

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