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Are You Psychic?

Are You Psychic? – here are the clues.

Have you done or said something and had people ask you “are you psychic?”.  I think most people are thrown that question once or twice after a random lucky break or a co-incidence happens. But when you are asked more often than that it can start YOU asking “what if am I psychic?”

So, are you psychic?

Browse through these clues that identify natural psychic ability. This is not a test where you have to tick all to pass. It’s just a list of the normal sensations that psychics will get.

Of course not all with strong ESP will relate to all the clues.

Are You Psychic?

The Clues of Psychic Ability (in no particular order) 

Occasionally or often you will . . . .

  • Feel like you have met a person before when you have not.
  • Experience a tingling sensation in your hands as if an invisible energy is passing through them.
  • Feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason when you are in a building, location, or with certain people.
  • Likewise feel very comfortable for no real reason in locations or with certain people.
  • Feel drained of energy in the company of others. Likewise feel full of energy with others.
  • Sense the energy that flows through nature and around you.
  • See or feel the colored energy around people. (Aura)
  • Unreasonably ascertain when people speak untruthfully.
  • Be drawn to the paranormal, spirituality, mystics and other psychics.
  • Experience legitimate premonitions in dreams.
  • Make decisions based on gut feelings over logic.
  • Help alleviate pain in others just by touching them.
  • See visions of objects, faces, colors in your mind’s eye, even if you have no idea why or what it means.
  • Think of someone moments before that person calls on the phone, or passes you in the street.
  • Be aware of the life force in nature’s plant and animal life.
  • Speak without knowing where the words come from.
  • See or sense spirits, ghosts or a presence unknown.
  • Feel helped and assisted by an unknown source.
  • Feel connected to tribal wisdom, ceremonies, or rituals.
  • Occasionally see something move out of the corner of your eye, and nothing is there when you turn to look.
  • Envision a message when looking at Tarot Cards, Playing Cards or other artworks.
  • Get goosebumps when something is said or done in your presence. 
  • See visions of future events that later come true.
  • Know unknowable things.
  • Smell fragrance or perfume when no scent is really there.
  • Hear your name spoken when no-one is there to speak it.
  • Experience a lot of synchronicity in your life.
  • Woken in dreams and be totally aware, even though you are still asleep.
  • Look at the back of someone across a crowded room, and that person turns and looks straight back at you.
  • Have glimpses of previous incarnations.
  • Understand messages from pets and other animals.
  • Have and out of bode experience. (OBE)

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