What The Different Aura Colors Around The Human Body Can Mean

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You are in essence a living rainbow. Just like many of the non-physical messengers surrounding you as spiritual guides! Each auric color is the combination of the electromagnetic frequency emanating from your body.

An aura is the energy field around the human body, and in fact all living things. All the colors are constantly shifting and changing, revealing to the fine-tuned psychic eye as well as the very developed physical eye, your thoughts, emotions, and actions in the present and the past. Your own aura can also give you a very clear idea of where you are headed in the future.

You can use this article as a simple reference guide to learn about the hues in auras as well as some of the color combinations in auras. Yet it is important to understand each individual color that might appear consistently or temporarily in your aura also has meaning to how it specifically relates to you.

Human Aura Colors And Meanings

In these interpretations, the relationships in colors and meanings, such as an aura yellow green combination, as well as each and every aura color and/or aura colors combination present in your aura can have both a negative and positive meaning. Each aura color and in what shape or form it appears is giving you an opportunity to be aware of and continue with your healthy behaviour patterns that are propelling you towards your dreams and/or helping you be aware of any unhealthy negative behaviour pattern/s that needs to be addressed, healed, and overturned.

As follows below are examples of meanings for the different aura colors that have been revealed to me over time. See how they translate for you in terms of aura paintings, aura portraits, readings and or consultations.

Each of these colors, if present in your aura, may also appear in a form or shape, which also have specific meaning to you. This is important to understand, as each symbol and how it is coloured is unique unto itself and although the colors and forms have a generalized meaning, your aura will reveal how it specifically pertains to you. It would be almost impossible to address all the color combinations that are exposed your aura and the forms or shapes it takes, nonetheless, the combination in a yellow green aura has a general meaning as well as a specific one for you.

Understanding The Meanings Associated To The Different Aura Colors That Surround The Physical Body

Red aura colors and meanings. Red is the color of the root chakra and if showing in your aura in a positive aspect, would be revealing you are full of energetic life force that will express as an extremely passionate about everything individual. You are grounded and very active, because you are vibrant with the joy of life and your attitude continuously restores your energy.

Whereas a dark or murky red in their aura reveals a negative expression displaying the holding onto of anger. The anger may be due to something in your past lives or current past life, or the actual moment. It also matters how much red appears in your aura and its placement in your aura field. The amount and placement will disclose your willingness to face and work through your anger in a healthy conscious manner, or if you are resisting it, thereby creating even more anger related experiences to manifest in your life.

Orange aura colors and meanings. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra and if appearing in your aura is the color of inspiration, meaning in Spirit. People with a lot of orange in their aura, suggests being inspired to do something, say something, express some part of the true divinity within. If orange auras are muted with an overlay of other colors crossing over them, then you have not been paying attention to your inspiration, the speaker of your feelings coming from your heart's desire.

Yellow human aura colors and meanings. A yellow aura is a sign of pure joy and is the color of the solar plexus chakra. Everyone's aura painting should have yellow. When it appears as a light creamy hue like butter, you tend to be peaceful due to a solid trust in self. If it is a bright and radiant bold yellow, it is like the happiness we feel when we are joyfully and peacefully experiencing a warm sunny day.

Yellow represents the mental body, as well; so when in the aura yellow-green is combined together, especially if the yellow overlays the green, it will usually indicate you are mentally interfering with your own desire for happiness. You are overly analytical having to dissect every decision before moving forward. Too much mental activity will always interfere with making the peaceful positive feel-good choices towards manifesting your dreams. A yellow-green combination represents healing present in the aura on a mental, emotional and or physical level.

Green usually indicates the lively, fun Arch Angel Raphael is about you, as he is not just the master of the elementals, but the master of healing as well. Green corresponds to the heart chakra and when green appears as a vibrant emerald green it is telling you that you not only have an immediate opportunity to heal anything but that you may also be a healer in some form as well. Depending on where it is positioned in your auric field it will reveal what exactly needs to be healed within you and whether it is seated in your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual body.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra and when blue appears, especially that of a cobalt blue you are usually known as gifted with multiple communication skills. When appearing in its negative aspect this usually states that you have difficulty speaking up and it is time for you to be able to speak your truth. The blue aura can also disclose whether the masculine aspect physical role model was either present or absent in your life.

Pink aura colors and their meanings. Pink is the color of self-love and most people do not address pink in the aura. It is not often seen in everyone's aura because we as humans suffer severely from its unhealthy expression of a lack of love for self. The energy of pink is most needed and empowering element within us, as it is what fuels the fires of being valuable and deserving. The appearance of pink in your aura will allow you to be able to see where, why, and how much of this energy you are needing to heal the incorrect belief of being less than.

Indigo aura colors and meanings. Indigo (or purple) is the color of the third eye chakra, and it is the combination of Red and Blue in your aura. If it is appearing negatively, it is a warning that you need to apply more life force energy to the passionate truth of who you are. Indigo in its positive aspect represents that you are an individual that will be firmly committed to your beliefs and will do almost anything to make sure that your personal life, as well as those you love, and the world at large live in balance and harmony. If you have a great deal of Indigo in your aura field, you will not stand for anything less than the absolute highest truth of all things.

Violet human aura colors and meanings. Violet represents the crown chakra as well as St. Germaine and the transmutable violet flame. When violet shows up in your aura painting in a positive fashion, its means you are a master of transforming the negative to the positive. Violet appearing as its negative counterpart represents that there is deeply embedded trauma within you which has continued to be buried or avoided. The good part here is that both the positive and negative aspect normally show up together, meaning despite any past traumatic experiences, you can change it all around for the good. When Violet appears with a gold and or silver, then you are mastered in the use of this energy, a true alchemist.

The more subtle auric colors like, a magenta aura, turquoise, silver, and gold were not often spoken of in the past because they are beyond that of the interpretation of the physical colors of the rainbow and have only been appearing in auric fields in the past decade or so.

You may be predominately displaying one color of these specific higher dimensional hues or a combination of turquoise, magenta, silver, or gold and including the complete rainbow color spectrum within you.

Author - Eloryia RA

Eloryia RA

Eloryia RA, who is more commonly known as the Angel Lady, is a Radio host, featured television guest, a Spiritual Life Coach, Transformational Healing Facilitator and Workshop Leader. Eloryia combines her multiple talents as a clairvoyant, visionary artist and photographer in her work with human aura colors and meanings. She gracefully guides her clients into the life they dream of. She is also a teacher of the One Mind Counsel , the creator of The Ascension Program; a conscious plan to successfully change your life, based on the universal laws of One. In her 25 + years of experience she has guided thousands out of their self-imposed hell into living a life likened to heaven on earth.

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