Attention Indigo People!

by Truth and Freedom

First of all, allow me to have the opportunity to thank the owner/moderators of this webpage for the providence of such a wonderful place to share our thoughts and experiences.

Although, I am no Indigo myself, one trait I sincerely understand about being somebody as special as an Indigo makes him/her feels different, in a way unable to relate to most average people. The fact that your soul is vibrating on a higher level of existence compared to the average individual.

Whatsoever ability or power that you may possess in your present state is only a residual manifestation of what you used to have in your past lives. As the matter of fact, many of you are old souls, believe me when I say you used to be more powerful than you are in your current state, yes, Spiritual degeneration does happen and is happening.

I for one believe in great potentials in Indigo People as well as advancement of the power of souls for those whom are worthy.

For those who believe in advancing themselves in their powers, I hereby share the following links of information which may aid you in your empowerment. Becoming a master of your fate, most importantly getting to know deeper about yourself and your origins.

Note that this site and a shout out video to Indigo People is owned by a good friend of mine. If you are open enough to sense energy you will feel that he is one person whom possesses great empathy towards nature and his own, as well as passion in what he does. Not to forget peace loving.

Yes, he is an Indigo.

Do check these links out.

- youtube . com / watch?v=dEPmYK1bRFM
- spiritualtruth . yolasite. com

My only wish is for you to study the site before you make your judgement on our label.
We do have groups that do constant workings to empower Mother Earth, banishing negative energies and such due to pollution and etc.
Along the way, some of you may learn how to use magical runes to aid your day to day endeavours.

I can assure you is this, We are for Truth and Freedom!
And no, nobody is going to charge anybody anything.

Peace out! :-)

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