How to See Auras for the First Time

Do you know how to see auras? All living things have auras! People, animals, plants and even the earth itself. Some people have always been able to see a faint glow of light around other people and just take it for granted, although the majority of people will lose this ability as they grow out of childhood.

Thanks to Kirlian photography most people now generally accept that this energy field does actually exist. However, unless you can actually see them, this knowledge is of no use to you.

How can I see my aura?

The first hurdle to seeing is the 'seeing is believing' syndrome:-

If you have never seen one, then you won't believe that you can.

If you don't believe you can see one, then you will be unable be able to see one!! - Catch 22!

Learn How to See Auras

  • Firstly, the light level in the room should be low and your eyes should have become accustomed to the low light level. (Iris wide open).
  • Secondly a distance of about two to three metres (six to nine feet), is preferable.
  • The subject may be either your own reflection in a mirror or someone else.
  • Do not look directly at the subject. Look past and into the distance.
  • You will perceive a faint 'glow' or 'energy field' around the subject.
  • The moment you first see (perceive) this field you will automatically try to focus on it and lose it.

How do you cleanse your aura?

The process of cleansing (compacting) your energy field is one of clearing your body/mind/spiritual connection. It goes like this :

  • Massage your third eye with the fingertips of your dominant hand whilst repeating the following affirmation: “In the name of *(whatever you hold to be sacred) I cleanse my body and soul!”
  • Place the fingertips of both hands on your third eye, now draw them over the top of your head and down to the nape of your neck, then away from your body.
  • Shake your hands vigorously as if shaking water off your hands.
  • Again run your fingertips from the third eye to the nape of your neck, away and shake.
  • Starting at the temples, now pass the palms of your hands over your whole head, then shake out.

That's it! - Feels refreshing and cleansing, doesn't it? I perform this little ritual before meditating, saying affirmations and in fact before performing any spiritual exercise. *My personal affirmation is "In the name of Jesus Christ" ....., simply because I was raised in a Judeo Christian tradition.

By Richie Who

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