Australian Indigo Awaits 2012

by Clara

Indigo is actually my favorite color of the rainbow! Many think I’m nuts and a little annoying because I just know what they are feeling all of the time. I am 17 years old and I am definitely an indigo. I am very introspective, highly intuitive... I pick up people's feelings which I often take very personally, which will then make me concerned that I’m doing something wrong and so I ask them. And in their own way they say "BUT OUT AND LEAVE ME ALONE!

I am trying to hide the fact that I am anxious from people. But they can see right through me, so now I'm annoyed!!" Ha ha it’s quite entertaining actually... realizing that people are actually afraid of being found out. I have to continually shine a light around myself everyday so as it is sort of a shield to other people's negativity. It also helps me to be less subtly annoying but I can’t help just happens. I don’t physically do anything.

I can ALWAYS tell what people are feeling... it’s just natural now... I used to be scared because I was never accepted. All through high school I have never really been in a group as such and I only really have 1 or 2 close friends who actually accept me for who I am. But other than them, no one else is close to me to know much about me other than my mother. She is probably my bestie forever.... and I mean forever beyond our physical bodies. We are so similar it’s crazy... however that’s what all mothers and their teenage daughters are like. But I know she will be there with me forever.

The thing is, I have always wanted to be a teacher my whole life and I know that this is a "calling" as some would call it. I am an old soul and I have been told several times and I also know within myself that I have come to help, that I have volunteered to come back here... But I get so annoyed with myself because I'm like "Oh my god, why did I come here, I just want to go home!!" And home as in not my house in the mountains in Australia... although they are very nice, I would certainly rather be back at home in peace.

I see spirits as well, not very clearly however, but I feel them all the time. They protect me from harm.

What is so funny is that December 21st 2012 is the night before my 20th birthday!

I am definitely here to help. I am not sure what I can do to help with the transition but I think part of it for me includes passing on my knowledge of God being inside of you and you are the creators of the universe. It’s interesting how I found this out for myself 10 years ago.
I feel very different from others... it’s hard for others to understand me... they don't get me at all. I feel quite isolated the majority of the time. The only time I feel comfortable is in my room by myself, or somewhere with my mum or with my grandmothers.

I am sooo looking forward to the day of 21st Dec, 2012 when everyone hopefully wakes up to the fact that we are all one with all-that-is. I can't wait. Finally there will be some peace. Only 2 1/2 yrs or so left.

Happy indigoing fellow indigoers! :)

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