Be My Indigo Family?

by Steph
(Baltimore & Philadelphia, USA)

Hi all, In reply to one comment made by a Jennifer, I look deeply into everything also. It's to the point that my "friends" (people I hang out with at school for lack of indigo/spiritual friends at the moment) think I’m in some existential crisis. Which, maybe I have been, but when I'm around the right people, the crisis just.. POOFS! And all is well.

I've been trying to fit in with the world, to hide, or disguise myself, by becoming some "spiritual" person... but this will never work. I'm at the point where I NEED you guys. All of you. These stories are all wonderful, and I'd love to connect with anyone and everyone who reads this!!!

It is SO IMPORTANT for us to keep sharing things with each other, whether the connection lasts for one email or forever. Just to MAKE the connection is the point. ENERGETICALLY, I feel we need to CONNECT. To form a live web of connections, that can be felt. Many of us are already doing this, but I for one, have hesitated for too long... It's significant to our own sanity and health that this web stays strong and alive!!!!

Much love to all, here is my email address, please write to me!

stmcc001 @ mail . goucher . edu

Head the Subject line something like "indigo" and I'll be sure to reply right away.

Peace to all beings..

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