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Being an Indigo Rarity

by Lauren M
(Tyler TX)

My name is Lauren. I am what people term as sensitive, an indigo child. I found out about being an Indigo one day when I had enough of asking for my abilities to be taken away and people to stop shunning me. I am extremely empathic, both with humans and animals. I have the ability to communicate with the dead and channel. I also can do past life and death regressions without trying...mostly by touch. I am able to sense spirits and inhuman creatures, both astral and natural. And I have prophetic dreams of the future to come. I can astral travel at times with out trying. These abilities have been handed down through generations both matrilineal and patrilineal lines. These are becoming stronger and stronger and new abilities are developing. I am also studying to become a Shaman! I want to feel apart of something and being Indigo is where I fit in.

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Jan 09, 2011
Tyler Tx Indigo
by: Lauren

My name is Liv. I have been searching for other indigos in Tyler. I just moved here and have been feeling very alone and shunned in my gifts. I would love to meet you for coffee or something sometime. It would be really great to have somebody I could relate to. If your interested email me at :)

Apr 26, 2009
by: Lindsey

You are not alone. You are never alone. There is no such thing. We are here for a reason. Don't stop your life's calling out of fear. We are united through destiny. Many more of us are arriving and they are even more sensitive than we are. They need you. THey need us. THeir vibrations cannot withstand this world without us raising the world's vibratons first. We are important and must be persecuted and go through hell to bring heaven on earth. THere will be a day when the indigos will have peace, but we must accomplish our mission.

May 27, 2008
Nice to meet you!
by: bethoc

Hello, my nickname is Bethoc and I've recently discovered that the name for my kind is INDIGO!
I as well was sick to death of never fitting in with anyone around me. I had almost turned my back on all my abilities and given up. I met my 1st official indigo pal when I was 19 and I thank god every day that I opened up to sharing my gifts with others like myself.
We have many of the same abilities, you and I. I have found that by practicing as often as possible using my gifts they have grown stronger and more accurate with time.
Good luck and never, ever, ever, let people who don't understand you make you doubt yourself.
We are an honored group of souls here to bring about positive change.

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