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Being Crystal Child

by Crystal
(On Earth )

I have always felt like I’m someone different from everyone around me and no one understands me but I just found this term while looking at some site and all of a sudden just got fascinated by it . I’ve been drawing since I was 2 years old and I came to realize that whatever I draw it actually comes true and I get dreams about people or about things that are actually going to happen and they happen one month ahead of my dreams sometimes just the next day so I always had believed I had spiritual powers of some kind, and often people tell me that I’m "gifted”. When I was about 13 I created my own imaginary world (like maps times and everything , like another universe for me) called 'crystal rainfeather drewtopia land' which was like a magical land for me whenever I went there I would know everything about people , how their nature is, and what is their purpose in life. And it’s like so amazing with all other 'crystal ' beings in that land ,animals , birds etc. and somewhere I can be just who I want to be and not what people want me to be like...

It feels so amazing knowing there are other people just like me and who are going through same things. And somehow I feel I’m kind of connected with them... Let the light be with you!

Blessed be -peace- xoxo

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