Best Past Life Reading Ever

by Louise

I will never forget the past life reading Jody Fox did for me. Not only was it very insightful towards a childhood (and adulthood lol) fear, but it was, admittedly very shocking and accurate.

As a VERY young child I would have recurring dreams of tornados (even before I knew what tornados were) and to this day have a very horrible fear of them (I have been in TWO tornados when I was a teenager btw). Jody revealed to me in this past life reading that as a child I was unfortunately lost and killed by a tornado that raged through my family's area and farmland. What's shocking was that she told me when my family finally found me, I was stuck underneath a fallen tree; and one of its limbs went right through the right side of my chest, and went right through all the way and came out my back - just by the tip on my shoulder blade.

Well ... in this life ... I have a HUGE birthmark in that very spot where Jody said the tree branch came through. It is very horrible looking and I'm very self-conscious of it ... so I hide it well and NEVER talk about it or draw attention to it in any way. But wow. Jody was dead-on about its location - and to be honest gave me an entirely different attitude regarding my birthmark.

It was amazing, and as I say I will never ever forget that reading. It's readings like that truly make you believe in spirit and the connections that ALL OF US have a spiritual beings. Thanks to Jody for everything ... and she can count on me coming to see her again soon for another reading!

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Jul 29, 2009
Jody Fox & Lisa Caza are the best!
by: Steffie

I have to agree with Louise's post about Jody Fox. I've had two readings from her this past year. What is so great now too is that she has Lisa Caza (previously Nash) working with her on her site. Lisa does AMAZING love readingsand it never ceases to amaze me at her accuracy. I've been a long-time fan and adorer of Lisa ever since she first started to work at Global Psychics. Both her and Jody worked there and I love how they have now teamed together to make I think the best psychic reading site out there. If anyone wants accurate and honest and compassionate psychics I HIGHLY recommend either Lisa Caza or Jody Fox. They are simply amazing!

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