The Best Psychic Development Techniques You Can Learn For Free Today

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The best psychic development techniques you can learn all in one day are to be found in a free online course titled: The Five Top Intuitive Tools.

The Five Top Intuitive Tools by Isabeau Maxwell is a collection of the most effective and transformative intuition development tools Beau has taught over the past 12 years. 

The Five Top Intuitive Tools by Isabeau Maxwell

Right now, during this period of global spiritual shifting, it is the perfect time to lift yourself up and step into your path. If you commit to your personal growth now, you will be prepared to thrive more than ever from this point on. Take this fun spiritual challenge and turn it into an opportunity to grow. There is no better time than now to align with your spiritual path, live intuitively and live in the highest vibration of love.

5 Of The Best Psychic Development Techniques

1. Intuitive Tools for Spiritual Protection

In this 14-minute lesson Beau explains how the spiritual world affects us daily. In positive, beautiful ways and sometimes in chaotic and uncomfortable ways. The practice you will learn has proven to be priceless to those who use it. Beau’s four steps of Spiritual Protection are: grounding yourself, clearing yourself of negative energy, building an energetic shell to protect the balance you have just created, and setting an intention speech for the purpose of your protection. With this intuitive tool you will learn how to reclaim your personal spiritual space and so bring you closer to your life path!

2. Intuitive Tools for Guide Communication

In this 11-minute lesson you will learn why and how to set up a daily commitment for spiritual communication. It does not matter if you are speaking to the universe (psychic) or speaking to a loved one or guide (mediumship) - just speak daily! This will tell the universe you are serious and devoted to your path. While on the subject of guide communication, Beau is going reveal the absolute best question ever you can ask your guides. 

3. Intuitive Tools for Faith in Five Minutes

In this 5-minute lesson you will learn to develop faith in your intuitive abilities. For those of you who were raised believing none of this is real, this practice is for you! Because your mind is in a habitual state of disbelief this intuitive tool for rewiring your brain will give you a taste of what it feels like to be free of doubt, something your spirit genuinely enjoys. Because it can be difficult to simply believe, this practice gives you the chance to hold yourself in belief for a full five minutes and return to your scepticism on minute six. With time, you will welcome this higher vibrating state of mind more easily and, you will open yourself to more intuitive experiences.

4. Intuitive Tools for Decluttering

In this 7-minute lesson Beau explains why the number one thing you can do to improve your intuition is to de-clutter. The spiritual guru who lives on the mountain top in a cave, with very few possessions, is likely the most intuitive. Why? Because they are not cluttered. But you do not live on the mountain top in a cave. So, the next best thing is to learn an easy practice for de-cluttering your environment, your physical body, and your mind.

5. Tools for Being Detached from Your Intuitive Information

One of the top problems people have concerning intuition is how to distinguish it from imagination. This 7-minute lesson focuses on the fact that intuition has nothing to do with what you “think”. If your intuition is the mailman, trying to deliver messages, then your imagination is a dog trying to bite the mailman. The key to solid intuitive flow is to train the dog to sit quietly while the mailman delivers the messages. The best psychic readers simply give you what they see, feel, and hear because they know how to detach from their intuitive information. You will want to learn this too!

Guest post by Isabeau Maxwell

Isabeau Maxwell

Isabeau Maxwell, aka Beau, is a professional spiritual development coach. Her teaching style has been described as warm, honest, challenging, humorous, and passionate. Beau has mentored beginners and dabblers all the way up to intuitive professionals. She can help you connect to your authentic, natural intuitive abilities with the best psychic development techniques.